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Wanton and flush Yang Mei

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Now, of bump of fart of my fart bump hold in the arms from fruit terminal market came back one box arbutus, return the home, open box, good lord! Na Yangmei full and fruity, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, look my lick one's chaps, washed a few rapidly, foretaste is fast, bite readily go down, delicious juice swarms into a mouth like the bank definitely in, the smell with sweet acid is in immediately the tip of the tongue is wanton dancing, very wonderful flavor, nature is really great and wonderful, can give birth to the stunner such as this unexpectedly! Loving Yang Mei is not, when be being written down very smally only, taste first had the feeling that fall in love at first sight, from now on for a long time cannot be forgotten. Later the season that if arrived,Yang Mei appears on the market, no matter much more expensive, I can be bought on a bit, longed for heart of a year with him solace! Nowadays is one season arbutus when appearing on the market, this is a Yang Mei's wanton season, it has some of humbleness, cannot enter the hall of elegance, splendid however ground is red, jauntily lying, the person that is waiting to love it goes discovering it, until one day, you bite on one inadvertently, just ignore the satisfaction that what experiencing is cap-a-pie! The bumper harvest that this year is Yang Mei it seems that year, streets and lanes, everywhere sees piece amaranthine, the Yang Mei this year also appears particularly big, let the person that I love a plum this to be like a life had had strong interest, but I still unwilling to give up, keep buying, not feel like eating still buy, I think toughly, although cannot eat, look at them, can feel very happy! I am thinking sometimes, I dote on them so, probably because my preexistence is a Yang Mei, and be the Yang Mei of an exceeding narcissism, this all one's life does not do Yang Mei namely, also having filar silk continuously with them pester, having age winter summer care. Good, I aux would rather with respect to the tenderness in plum acerbity acid home village or town gets drunk all one's life, aux would rather follow its inviting form one's whole life!

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