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Picked Yang Mei

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Be Yang Mei's squashy season, swaying when the Yang Mei of full hill body appearance is when attract tourist is forward, ye, our the luck to eat sth delicious came again. Recently, the author will be some samer good friend, head for Lan Xi to experience the fun of picked Yang Mei personally, those who experience nature is kind.
The sun is illuminating the earth burningly. Arrive Lan Xi, the person that sees arbutus of the buying and selling on the street only in an endless stream. Can buy on the street, how can you equal oneself pluck with one's own hands? Because Yang Mei lasts time is extremely short, want to eat the mouthfeel that gives fresh fat, must pluck personally ability satisfy a craving.
Then, we changed the hill on two cars. All the way, lin Yin shows big Yang Mei about, on the road now and then see a few hang the large tree of fruit, yang Mei hangs full branch like tuft bunch red agate, sway in wind, conceal in branch, the child with mischievous seem, lovely extremely, let a person early feel the heart is crawly, wish to be gotten into that Yang Mei forest immediately full eat, have a tooth continuously till acid falls.
Suddenly source of ” of plum of the “ outside coming to the world that isolates with “ world ” . When us along narrow meandering footpath, when set out of Xiang Mei hill, a few youths are already insufferable, bouncing body appearance, ground of act as if there is no one else present is picked ripe amaranthine red bayberry fruit, in swallowing an entrance. Bite a sweet arbutus juice at the same time, experience the happy days of summer at the same time, happy mood is carrying lightsome walking fund fund forward, do not know to which orchard want however?
In the tourist guide guide below, we come to picked base eventually, the gold prize that the Yang Mei of this base ever won Yang Mei contest of orchid brook city twice! See the Yang Mei of all over the mountains and plains is cultivated only, hanging the Yang Mei with tuft amaranthine and amaranthine bunch, each other are close be next to, leaning close, swaying in wind, mouth drooling with greed letting a person, more daydream of generation letting a person. ” of this “ gold prize is honorary if really deserve the reputations one enjoys!
Children already one cry happily, each belle handsome young man also is contended for sample the Yang Mei of ” of fruit of gold of the “ that be called. Below bright sunshine, in high Mei Lin, everybody attacks to be cultivated to arbutus of one plant individual plant separately, each interest is full, sample at the same time, expect with model at the same time basket, even the triumphal fructification that the cap will come to to install his. A Yang Mei enters the mouth, acerbity inner tube sweet, talking around promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, all flavor are taking natural breath, aftertaste letting a person is boundless.
At the moment, everybody became it seems that devouringly the child, do not know foretaste which gift is nice, the hand picks the mouth to taste, do several jobs in the same time, hate only without how long one ask for a favor. Arbutus of this one individual plant just ate two, aim at again on the side tree of big arbutus of that individual plant, waiting for stretch one's hand, feel again above the Yang Mei of that branch is bigger violetter, like wishing to resemble 1000 hands avalokitesvara, around left and right sides can extend a hand to come. Eat so that all over the mountains and plains is enmeshed in continuously sweet in.
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