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Go Huang Cun picks Yang Mei

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Size of red bayberry tree is differ, uneven, some of branch branch fork is across our the top of head, some connects with the ground of upper part even. Our bend body is forward, still be held off by branch of a few arbutus from time to time outlet. Carry the eye looks, it is Yang Mei, of Gong Gong, of bright delicacy, a very short time that with respect to trice our buccal stomach, consider the saliva that does not get dc of erasure corners of the mouth, pulled red bayberry branch to carry best Yang Mei to go to a place of strategic importance in abdomen. Of the hill on go ahead of the rest busy on the tree already ceaseless, cry in fear of from time to time, from time to time laughs. They laugh at us is big greedy dirty trick, the certainly when actually they just entered hill also like us. On the ground already the Yang Mei that in twos and threes is piling a few big basket, red inner tube is violet, full, without doubt, this is the labor gains of forerunner.
We arrived Wang Qing the domain of her aunt. The sea is gentle He Liqin did not know when to mount Yang Mei to cultivate, cautious ground is busy rise. Know to be not hobby photography, face such view, he already was too busy to pluck Yang Mei, see his hand raises watch for a chance only, left pat right pat, ” of “ Ka Ca is ceaseless. I fear tall, cannot go up to cultivate, cross between tree and tree, there is on the branch that is in those stretching one's hand to be able to be reached a Yang Mei, often send flatter oneself best into his mouth. Abrupt, the Yang Mei here is not same Yang Mei, busy ask host. Host accuses: There are 3 kinds of different Yang Mei to cultivate on this slope, the Yang Mei of those green yellow calls “ Shui Mei ” , it is to make the good material that makes red bayberry wine, the anguine wine that uses such red bayberry n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine has very powerful medicaments effect, the Yang Mei that we are plucking is ” of plum of “ black carbon, sweet, juicily, mouthfeel is wonderful, still have a kind additionally, it is Huang Cunmei's top grade, call “ Yuan Kui ” , look namely green green the sort of, immature still now, wait for fade of this green disappear completely erubescent, it is ripe, market price wants every jins 10 come a money. The price this year is inferior to ” of plum of “ black carbon in former years, every jins of trade price ability two-spot. Same an arbutus hill is growing however 3 breed of different type, this shows arbutus cultivates getting used to ability still is quite strong. Host says, one party natural environment raises one party person, red bayberry is same also, yellow village arbutus can grow to go up in Huang Cun's land only, the Yang Mei that before a few years someone took Huang Cun ever tried to transplant its an alien land, result, or cannot survive, or survived is not to written guarantee fruit. The soil that yellow village arbutus cannot leave here is awaited compatibly, what also cannot leave a person is laborious, what we apply is organic fertilizer, do not use any insecticide, belong to without food of green of social effects of pollution, lie between 3 difference 5 must weed scanty branch, fertilization irrigates. What Huang Cun's Yang Mei returns those who be like this so is exquisite, it is to let me widen the horizon greatly really.
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