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Full hill of tea hill arbutus is red

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“ wild goose swings plum of hill of beautiful scenery tea, ” of the anchovy after Jiang Xinsi. ” of plum of “ tea hill, point to ” of arbutus of “ tea hill namely.

Tea hill, be located in Wen Zhou downtown south, belong to Ou sea area, since ancient times in order to produce Yang Mei famed. Compile between quiet day Guang Xunian " always fine county annals " carry: “ Yang Mei, old record is homebred Yang Mei, flavour of the person that give tea mountain today is gotten the better of especially. Arbutus of ” tea hill, plum of You Yiding Ao is the famousest.

Remember going up century 70 time, I sample to tea hill for the first time fourth Ao Yang Mei. Our group person sets out from tea hill town, along 5 beauty the mountain ridge of garden edge ascends the stairs, arrived when Ao of a big hill, the free hill before alls over slope, lush and green. Be in verdant between, the Yang Mei of bulbiform coronal establishs one plant individual plant, compose is bit bit fuller erythema, red green alternate with, evil spirit it is good-looking. At this moment, can't help making a person remember Guo Zhong Yue " Ou Jiang Zhuzhi word · Yang Mei " : The many good wind when “ plum writtens guarantee, when plum is green in March. The plum rains when plum is yellow passes, red bayberry personal ripe Man Shangong. ”

Fourth Ao Yang Mei, it is deserve the reputations one enjoys really. It a large body circle, bead thick color is black, the flesh is soft juicily, sweet acid is dainty. Dai Fangyue of the Song Dynasty is in " Yang Mei " write in the poem: Basket belt rain picks “ skin of the bamboo first incomplete, unripe cold crane carries abundant on the head on millet. Numerous mouth but sweet be like honey, ning Zhiji is in is small acid. It may be said of ” this poem is the portraiture of fourth Ao plum.

The hill on in those days eats Yang Mei, want to pay 5 wool cash each only, let you eat a bright. Either Yang Mei is not costly, also not be hospitality of fruit grower generosity, however everybody arrived red bayberry hill, see the Yang Mei with glittering and translucent and lovely blackish red, have not already saliva saliva is about to drip, but cannot eat a few, again also not feel like eating went. Still have, the biggest the blackest best Yang Mei grows to support in the tree, below the branch that the station can pick on the ground Yang Mei, not be classy plum. Birthplace has a saw: “ cultivates a red bayberry Xie Xiachen. ”

The edge eats Yang Mei, the edge comments which kinds of fruit had better eat. At this moment, somebody told Zhang Duanyi of the Southern Song Dynasty " expensive ear collect " in a stories: Have a year midsummer, a Fujian examinee and a Zhejiang examinee are in go to Beijing to drive acquaintance encounters in studying way, talking about poetics article, each with fruit of birthplace special local product boastful, be locked in a stalemate. Litchi of Fujian examinee highly praise is “ Fujian countryside jade daughter contains ” of ice and snow. Zhejiang examinee is unwilling give the impression of weakness, extol arbutus is “ Wu Jun astral man wears igneous cloud ” . The man that use a heavenly body, jade daughter will compare Yang Mei, litchi, do not have interest, assign on any account hard. But, why is great poet Su Dongpo being planted with person controversy when the fruit can compare Pi with litchi, cited Song Daishi's person is smooth but a poem: “ Yang Mei is full already in May forest, first doubt is worth a thousand pieces of gold. Grape of new moon of flavour square river is heavy, the lubricious Na Lizhi that compare Lu is deep. ” is in poetic eye, red bayberry should compare grape, litchi precious. Ji of bright generation Xu has a verse: “ She Laihe is very red still wet, cut out defeats longan blood to did not work. If know too genuine knowledge this flavour, litchi Yan can arrive Chang'an. Think Yang Mei surpasses litchi in ” poem.
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