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Red bayberry nucleolus

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[medical name] : Red bayberry nucleolus

[phoneticize] : YANGMEIHEREN

[origin] : Be arbutus of plant of red bayberry division kind benevolence.

[effect] : Announce stop up is chased wet

[advocate treat] : Control athlete's foot.

[sexual flavour returns classics] : Laborious, bitter, lukewarm enter lung, lienal classics

[usage dosage] : To be taken orally: Decoct soup, 6-9 gram.

[Latin name] : Myrica Rubra Sieb of former plant arbutus. Et Zucc.

[textual research] : Out " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " . Take way of Yang Mei benevolence, mix with persimmon lacquer the nucleus is cruel, crack oneself piece also.

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