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Red bayberry is red

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Weather is fuggy and clinking, the fine when Shi Yu, do not become aware arrived again Yang Mei's mature season.
Everyday one big early, the butcher that there is in twos and threes on the street is being carried red violet fresh Yang Mei is being hawked, saliva of slander making a person is about to drip.
Snow knows I do not like to eat apple, plum, error however love eats Yang Mei. Every arrive plum ripe season, little not should buy a few jins to let me eat enough. In recent years the county grows line of business in development, from Zhejiang kind brook and other places introduced many high grade arbutus. This annual moment, the comrade that also can have the county sends some of Yang Mei to give me have a taste of what is just in season.
Compare and character, I still like the Yang Mei of birthplace, not only the Yang Mei because of birthplace more be able to bear or endure eat, purer, unlike arbutus of science and technology, it is pure only sweet, without the thing that can recall, have in acid however sweet, sweet in have sick at heart, make a person life-giving wake head, drive incomplete goes dirty, the aftertaste is boundless. More because it is placing me,the Bei of childhood and teenager is fond of, including a paragraph of thick birthplace complex.
It is that time about constant hunger abdomen, in those days when that person eats Yang Mei, basically be whole and feed. Of course, I am not exceptional also, and this habit all the time follow comes down, do not change up to now. In those days, 35 days even week of one or two is pulled do not come defecate, it is constant some thing. red bayberry bolt, after all intestines and stomach is digested hard. Adult is such, the child also is like this.
Have a year, young mother takes me to weed to smoke ground to hill, picked Yang Mei of half back Dou to the hillside incidentally. Write down do not get me in those days a few years old, anyway far do not have the age that go to school, build is more tallish than carrying Dou on the back also. When the mother weeds, I am in drawing near aside devouringly back Dou is eating Yang Mei. Sloping field is too steep, my base oneself upon is flabby, do not take care, the Dou that carry a back rolls even the person to come downhill, red bayberry douse one ground. The mother is frightened so that hasten put down hoe, me what run to face of earth of grey head of lower margin uprear, wipe a tear to me with garment horn at the same time, the forehead that kisses me at the same time calls fetch ” to my “ , be in ceaselessly in the mouth comfort me: “ cub, do not be afraid of, the woman is here, etc can come home with the woman. ”
Press that custom, the child is being hurt outside or dark has not arrived home, parents should call the lofty spirit of a nation to the child, otherwise ill-fated. When calling the lofty spirit of a nation, parents bears the child on the back normally, somes big child is being pulled with the hand, the edge walks along an edge to cry, till stockaded village edge. Cry at the same time, the water saying an opening that does not live even at the same time gives the child exorcise, must not the soul that demon sticks adherent child. Remember parents ever calling the lofty spirit of a nation to me dimly: “ comes quickly son hey, follow father mother quickly to come home hey. ” from the day black excellent, cried all the way.
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