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Red bayberry arrack

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ill half an year, footmark never gives ward one pace, get up recently, where to think naturally to go. According to say newly
Law, it is to change changeover air; Say unalteredly, it may not be a bad idea goes pulling out pull out of evil of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease bodeful; In a word is long hibernate is thought of move, big
Also be normal human feelings about, more what is more,the rather that this climate, this one fervent earth king uses the climate of the thing, be in really threatening must to
The place of sea sky broadness goes avoiding bout. So I think of above all, it is hot spring region of Japan, north wears a river, weihaiwei,
Qingdao, the bull mountain location that be away for the summer holidays. But Lv of cage of garment unlined upper garment, (Piao + arrogate to oneself is right) the economic atmosphere that the close half an year with not full congee comes to,
Must not I have this kind to imitate general collect ostentatious behavior of everybody. The result that think over, feel eventually or go to Hangzhou any better;
It is the travelling expenses that goes to Hangzhou after all come so that save a bit, in addition I and still an old friend is living over, this goes it may not be a bad idea goes
See him, faint in the lamp asperse full street, also can go and what one appraise does not see his talk 78 years is old from.
The following like such determination the following day afternoon, what disappear for years with this in a when I had gone up in the lake small restaurant is old
The friend is taking in season red bayberry white spirit.
House out is to be together like the place that equator leaves continuously Fu Li's sunshine, floating completely on lake face lukewarm turbid and from these
Turbid li of evaporate the steam layer with the summary fishy tape that sends. The wagoner on the highway is very few also, the pedestrian of contact is not much more. Restaurant
among a lot of tables that dirt accumulates very thickly, also sit only have us these two order dishes the customer that should ask price first.
His —— I this one old friendly —— and I had had 78 years to disappear. Say honest word is very long also, anyhow,
He is me the class in a preparatory that moment studies in Tokyo university is friendly. After graduation, two people run around here and there, each not come-and-go,
Each do not know each address, had isolated 78 years. Till recently, have a bad boy it seems that, in the holiday I
renown family name to everywhere collect money, say: “ such-and-such be laid up is in Shanghai, be in by take sb in now of Shanghai, the XX of charity
In a specialized hospital. The benevolence person a man of noble character of the four seas, zhu Dashan person, no matter some is acquainted or not be acquainted with some, hope benefit is granted a certain number of,
Die such-and-suchly in order to save those who be born is critical. ” I this one old friend, do not know from where, also heard this one news, in
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