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Abdomen of solution of wine of red bayberry bubble bilges painful

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8 ~ are called to grow between September summer, our country is southern right now damp and hot most fill, climate characteristic is high temperature, low pressure and high humidity. If be addicted to feeds cold drink to be able to arise cold wet evil, hot weather is wet hold cold ill card concurrently, namely alleged heat much nip is wet. Eating a few arbutus appropriately right now is appropriate.

Red bayberry weighs “ again bead red ” . Fructification can be divided by colour and lustre for red, white two kinds, red or You Yishen is amaranthine for beautiful. Red bayberry juice is rich, entrance acid is sweet goluptious, matured in July at 6 ~ . Zhejiang beyond Yao teems with Yang Mei and renown Wen Tian falls. Red bayberry contains acid of rich vitamin C, fructose, dextrose, citric acid, apple and lactic acid to wait, red bayberry contains qualitative acid of volatile oil and tan in the leaf. Red bayberry sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is acerbity. Have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid satisfy one's thirst, feed with gastric disappear, stop spit stop dysentery function. Apply to ferry little the person with thirsty, abdominal distension, vomiting and diarrhoea, bellyacke, dysenteric dyspepsia. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " say: “ Yang Mei stops thirsty, with the five internal organs, can wash intestines and stomach, except irritated break through evil spirit. Burn ash to take, break next dysentery, very check. ” somebody thinks red bayberry taste is sour, ate meeting gastralgia, actually it belongs to alkalescent food, conduce to stablize irascibility, embellish liver, aid taste to digest again. It contains more citron acid, be helpful for material of dispel blood-vessel ageing. It still contains vitamin B17, conduce to fight cancer.

People constant with 50 ~ 60 degrees of liquor immerse Yang Mei, join right amount fingered citron piece, after bubble 15 days can, abdominal distension bellyacke or diarrhoea of blame bacterium sex all but edible. Every time 3, daily 2 ~ 3. But want to notice, red bayberry sex is lukewarm, flavour acid, unfavorable feed more. Feed your person more calorific, papula, pregnant woman reachs diet of the person that big constipation writtens guarantee.

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