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Wine makes Yang Mei treat acute bellyacke diarrhoea

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1 material and make
Prepare one airtight container, 500 G of ~ of 250 G of mature Yang Mei, edible liquor is right amount.
Immerse with wine after fresh fruit is picked, it is advisable to be done not have with complete dip, immerse after a month
Debauchery is erubescent can edible, deposit time better You Jia.
Method of 2 edible
Take wine to make Yang Mei every time 2 ~ 3 edible can.
3 advantage

Red bayberry can make expectoration easy stops spit disappear to feed, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, with intestines and stomach of the five internal organs, cleanse, divide irritated muddleheaded evil
Angry, stop dysenteric, have a headache all appropriate 1. Wine makes Yang Mei have the meritorious service of get effect instantly to bellyacke diarrhoea
Effect. Everybody mights as well try.
Bibliographical reference:
1 Li Shizhen. M of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine. Beijing: Brume of  of heir Cheng man as concubine of an emperor?2002:98.

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