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Red bayberry root

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[medical name] : Red bayberry root

[phoneticize] : YANGMEIGEN

[origin] : For the root of arbutus of plant of red bayberry division.

[effect] : Regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it is acetanilide, change Yu hemostatic, alexipharmic cure sore, add of set a bone is hurt.

[advocate treat] : Treat gastralgia, midriff feeds vomiting, hernia, haematemesis, blood dies, naevus blood, traumatic haemorrhage, injuries from falls, toothache, shang Huo is hurt, evil sore, scabies n/med leprosy.

[sexual flavour returns classics] : Laborious, lukewarm. ① " Jiangxi folk herbal proved recipe " : “ sex is lukewarm, flavour bitter laborious is acerbity. ” ② " Guizhou is herbal " : “ sex is cool, flavour acid is small acerbity. ” ③ " Fujian Chinese herbal medicine " : “ Xin Gan, lukewarm. ” enters classics of liver, kidney, lienal, stomach.

[usage dosage] : To be taken orally: Decoct soup, bright person L ~ 2 2; Or grind end. External use: Decoct water contains gargle, fume wash or burn put a gender to grind end moves apply.

[Latin name] : Myrica Rubra Sieb of former plant arbutus. Et Zucc.

[textual research] : Out " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " .

[Chinese traditional medicine is chemical composition] : Contain tan to pledge.

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