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Summer arbutus soup

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The time that red bayberry puts is very short really, ate freshly delighted later, bubble a bottle of red bayberry wine, remain take boiling water of the arbutus that boil, acerbity acid is sweet it is me;
Practice one:
Wash Yang Mei clean above all, put in high-pressured boiler to use the gas on conflagration together with white sugar of rock candy, a few next (it is evaporate risk energy of life to high-pressured boiler) , use medium baking temperature finally again evaporate 20 minutes can. Notice not to turn on the water, red bayberry oneself can give water. Such evaporate come out can be the red bayberry boiling water with extremely high concentration. The fill after waiting for refrigeration joins vitreous bottle, put freezer, direct edible is taken when eating can.
If like powerful smell, so OK and direct drinkable; If like delicate smell, can add bit of water, anyhow taste is extremely good. Like to eat Shang Li's Yang Mei especially, sweet soft, take off a nucleus more easily than fresh Yang Mei. Under photograph comparing, I prefer such eating law.
Practice 2:
1. First Yang Mei abluent, the fleshy scissor that cuts hilt raise plum is used after waiting for water to work, the nucleus is refuse.2. Take red bayberry flesh in putting a clean vitreous bottle, pour honey into bottle next, cover Yang Mei completely. Shake after, mix even adequately, .3. Buy enters freezer, after two days can edible.4. One is dug to be put in the bowl with ladle when eating, develop tone with glacial water next. . .

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