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Go Huang Cun picks Yang Mei

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56 months of Changjiang Delta, in air indistinct drifting the breath of arbutus of a silk, the flavour of a kind of acerbity acid, a kind of sweet smell, charm of meaning of a kind of full contain uses the ingredient that the language will come to state hard however. This is Yang Mei's red breath, this is Yang Mei's ripe breath.
One dry person gets together the “ in violet Jin Lu building of tea of ” of beautiful fine jade, drinking saying, remembered Yang Mei accidentally. The Yang Mei of that red fie fie, that is beautiful and outstanding Yang Mei, actually drag in went out a few the memory when, the figure of a few vivid happiness is compared, it once gifted we this generation person's so much mood and so much dream. Wang Qing says, in Huang Cun, she has an one's mother's sister, planted in the home a lot of arbutus, now is picked good time. I know yellow village arbutus. In this locality, in the west south the Huang Cun side Shandong, brand of two big arbutus also, although they are inferior to green Tian Yangmei is big heavy fact, but its flavour no less than element have its mouthfeel the slightest amount or degree the call Qingtian arbutus of ” of “ arbutus king.
Who to know to suggest, then we will go tomorrow Huang Cun. Tomorrow is on the weekend, do a person immediately caper, make an appointment to disappear not to come loose.
Huang Cun is apart from urban city east about 30 kilometers, with Jin cloud have a common boundary, it is lotus place of government of a country. The village is not old, submit rectangular form one word is outspread. History of this yellow village arbutus is allegedly long, have some of source very much. Village all sides faces hill, a certain number of year before, home village or town arouses to develop rural economics villager cut into a mountain is planted Yang Mei, the villager people removed Yang Mei to cultivate in the establish on the country of oneself in succession. Also have individual peasant family lazy be afraid of irritated, did not answer. Think unexpectedly, tens of go passing, this is all over the mountains and plains written guarantee full red bayberry fruit of Gong Gong, aroma 4 excessive. To out-of-the-way yellow village person, this arbutus can be the road that become rich, and those a few eventually because be afraid of lazy and did not plant on Yang Mei's other people, became the poverty in the village naturally door. Small Huang Cun, ground of red bayberry establish amounts to more than mus 2000 unexpectedly nowadays.
Cent dials Huang Cun us. Wang Qing, sea made the same score a batch to go up early greatly hill. When the sea makes the same score an incoming telegram, we just set out one batch this from the urban district. Arrive at Huang Cun, about at 8 o'clock half. The sea is smooth await downhill already was in crossing, differ we are fine the appearance of street look city that enjoys Huang Cun, too impatient to wait is leading us urgent start off. The red bayberry hill that we should go to calls “ camphor mound ” . Climb all the time along labyrinthian and winding hill road climb, not a long time arrives half half way up the mountain, fold along left hillside again give 300 meters, the Yang Mei that sees one clump cluster cultivates gradational greet, gong Gong is green green become repeatedly. We were to smell laugh singing and the talking reputation that one does not have, do not see associate namely people form.
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