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Arbutus of plum rains season is red

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Silk of intermittent drizzles in the rainy season in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River still is continueing to fall ceaseless. Early morning 6 when make, politics with Yang Mei red culture collect folk songs goes all colleague is punctual leave,

Sit on board, mood for a long time cannot calm. I can't help remembering rain of home of home of season of Huang Mei of “ of Shi Xiu of Song Ren Zhao, green grass pond everywhere the line of frog ” . The ancients has prophetic vision, this goes admiring a plum, be not to have interest one time?

Outside looking at a window, raindrop splashs a myriad on highway small spray; That asperses the pluvial silk between Xiang Lin, rustle ground is flapping the palm of greenery; Flow along with wind all round fine fine aerosol, be mingled with is in pluvial act, send more appear that kind is gentle; The green banboos of full hill, sway in wind, issue the note that has rhythm, resembling is wonderful musical leisurely waves.

Arrived politics with village of Su De of red bayberry birthplace, resting moment of old wife and children, go up hurriedly hill views and admire Yang Mei. Go on the road, the back wall before the pluvial silk of flying catkins is controlled is being circled, or touch the garment, or blow on the face, pester unceasingly, it is to fall really garrulous flying silk also has feeling. Village cadre of the person of the same trade tells us, what the green that stain of that full hill spot nods and red interweave is arboreous, it is Yang Mei forest. Stop hurriedly footstep look around, na Yuzhong's Yang Mei is red it is before not the dwelling place flows. Right now, I just feel this world is such fresh, that is Mei Nong people arduous the fructification of irrigated happy tear and mirth.

Stand in the foot of a hill, the Yang Mei in looking at hill forest, resemble filling makeup bride, there is bead bead pearl on body of tree of arbutus of that plant individual plant, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, sparkle shine. Raindrop is wringing my hair, forehead, eyelash, hold off the line of sight before; A breeze has been blown, deliver the Yang Mei of continuously breath, that feeling, wonderful and amorous, be like crazy be like drunk, too many beautiful things.

Stand in Yang Mei forest, what door leaf of an ooze popular feeling feels when standing is pleased, human society swings, exhaustion does not have footprint. The Yang Mei on the tree be elated, the leaf is rousing size, the Yang Mei with incomputable also number, ground of strive to be the first is worn to our declare publicly their beauty. That is the soul of the tree, it is the elite between life scope of operation, it is to use inexorable energy and perseverance to bursting forth exuberant opportunity of survival, hubbub is worn green billows.

Pluvial mist swirls ground facile and graceful is on red bayberry leaf, dial string gently like the girl; Pluvial bead stops on the leaf, glorious takes a person; Rain stop on branch, glistening; Rain wet clay, let the earth suck sufficient nutrition; Rain irrigated Yang Mei forest fully, the earth revealed its all temptation with his bosom.

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