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New method of harvesting management Bayberry

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1. Seize the fine weather, time of picking ripe red bayberry. Mature bayberry fruit rot or fall off easily, reducing the value of goods and cause cuts. Proposed Bayberry time picking ripe. Lipid membrane soaked with a new, waterproof sub-evaporation, prevent virus infection, frost insulation, extended shelf life. 2. Strengthen the orchard management. Concentration of precipitation, there are often short-term storm or heavy rain, washed the roots of fruit trees, causing the loss of basal fertilizer, fruit trees, root exposure, affecting the normal growth of fruit trees, orchard management to strengthen and improve the drainage system. 3. Positive control pests and diseases. Hot and humid weather is conducive to the occurrence of various pests and diseases, especially in the fruit before maturity, fruit flies, moths and other hazards mature leaves and fruit, affect the quality, pay attention to monitoring and control. Control when to trap and kill the main, remember do not use pesticides. At the same time with the spraying of new pharmaceutical active ingredients increased membrane lipid utilization, to consolidate control effect. 4. Time after picking the fruit garden fertilizer and clear. According to tree vigor appropriate fertilization, organic manure-based, not only restored tree vigor, and enhance resistance, but also conducive t o flower buds. Park also work well clear, clear weeds, pruning and reasonable. Callus in the corrosion film coated cutting mouth, anti-infection and invasion, protect healthy wound healing, to ensure that next year's yield and quality.
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