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The late autumn management Dongkui bayberry

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Late autumn, referring to early April 10 to 11. During this period, not Dongkui Bayberry nothing to do. But to control fall tree germination, promotion of spring shoots and the summer shoot well on the development of flower buds, that is the foundation for next year's yield. Therefore, during late autumn Dongkui Bayberry management is still very important. First, the importance of control of autumn shoots The germination of the season because of late autumn shoots, not easy to form flower buds; even if there is differentiation, but also because of the season late, poorly developed flower buds for next year is difficult results. However, the fall tree fall tree on the germination and flower bud differentiation and development, should consume more nutrients. It is necessary to win spring shoots and the summer shoot nutrients of spring shoots and the summer shoot bud differentiation and development. This is the importance of our control fall tree germination. Second, germination you will be late fall tree Some growers asked: "10 months later, still sprouting shoots Dongkui Bayberry it?" Because Dongkui bayberry in the winter, as long as the temperature is above 10 degrees in a certain time, it will shoot germination of winter. So early in the 10 to 11, temperatures above 10 degrees is very ordinary. Germination late fall tree is very possible. This requires that we must pay attention to the germination and control of late fall tree. Third, what management of the work of late autumn (A) control fall tree 1, if the tree shoot less germination, the young shoots can be 2 to 3 cm length of time to hands-on pick to pick shoot stubble, so pick a sprout two, pick two four sprouting phenomenon. 2, if not to hand-pick the tree, young shoots 1 cm in length, the injection of 15% MET 250 times the hydraulic tip. But be warned: do not mix with pesticides or nutrient solution; to avoid the midday blast; as long as the spray is against the young shoots. 3 In recent years, Huangyan, Linhai, Jiaojiang the farmers, that paclobutrazol spray more, to make fruit deformation is small, so they use lime sulfur to kill shoot good effect. That is fine to dry, with 80 to 100 times; the rain to wet, use 40 to 50 times. Please test all over the fruit before and after application. But not any stone with crystals of sulfur. (B) strong bud 1, to pay attention to make B: As long as recession and yellow leaves appear not to tree condition, we should pay attention to make boron. To spray a two-borax, half of two transfer 100 kg of urea, boron solution. 1 package 25 grams of boron flush 15 kg. 2, floral spray Tsui Hong Ling 700 times, or 0.2% potassium sulphate solution, or 1000 times, 1 green Fenway. To supplement nutrition, to promote flower bud development.
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