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Bayberry Festival tourists in China Yuyao 235,000 times

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Yuyao bayberry annual China come to an end before the holidays. Bayberry section highlights the Expo theme of this year, the strong push in the World Expo, the city came to pick bayberry, Myrica eat 23.5 million visitors, compared with last year's festival Bayberry Increase of 3.2 million. This year, the city will visit the Shanghai World Expo Myrica travel closely integrated with the launch of the Dragon Boat Festival Bayberry Basket Head - Ningbo World Expo Pavilion "Yuyao bayberry Day", 2010 China Yuyao Bayberry Festival Opening Ceremony - "rejoicing Expo, hi poly Mei Township "national style performances," the Expo, visit Yuyao, picking Bayberry "train tours to experience a series of" Expo + bayberry "tourism activities to attract more tourists. Bayberry city this year to further expand the tourist source markets, the new Suzhou, Jiaxing, Nanjing, Hong Kong and southern Zhejiang large number of tourists. June 27, a Nanjing "BMW Club" organized by the more than 100 private cars An extensive fleet of Yang Mei Guanguang drove into the city picking point, visitors tour Yang Meilin in, and enjoy the joy of Myrica picking. During the festival this year, bayberry, city attractions and Yang Mei Guanguang the first time the team travel plucking hot One of the most spectacular to the number of July 3 ushered in more than 500 cars to take action Yuyao Abstract Yangmei Jinhua, Taizhou and Wenzhou tourists.
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