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Wu Tong as hometown of Chinese Bayberry

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Recently, Wu Tong street by the State Forestry Administration, the National Economic Forest Association awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Bayberry" title. This is the green plum, Torreya grandis, bamboo shoots, Gunpowder, flowers, tea culture and other industries, the county received the first 7 The "National" Image agricultural base. Wu Tong, the county is the traditional bayberry origin, there is almost a thousand years of history. Since 1981, the expansion of cultivated bayberry area of the street, after 30 years of development, the existing Yang Meilin 9000 acres, the "late Shaoxing Red", "Shaoxing Early Red "Shaoxing white sand and the" East Quebec, "" Chinese water chestnut species "and 10 varieties. Streets also established experimental bases, with a bowl instead of bare root seedling nutrition has greatly enhanced the survival rate of seedlings. Meanwhile, Wu Tong streets to promote technology and artificial pollination Bayberry pruning techniques to solve the problem of red bayberry in size, and explore a set of high yield cultivation techniques. Currently, Wu Tong bayberry production more than 1,000 tons every year, output value Over 600 million.
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