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Season of red bayberry harvest is picked do not neglect security

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Statistical time: On June 1 —6 month 22 days
Statistical data: Many 800
Data origin: Ning Haihu just fights bone to hurt a hospital

This month in 20 days of time, hospital of the square injury that fight bone receives Ning Haihu treat a patient many 800, have 19 because of what picked arbutus accident gets injured by fall among them, fastigium has 5 one day.

On June 20, path of Hu Jie of either end of a bridge goes up villager of domestic brook village holds the post of some, because pluck at race against time Yang Mei, the safety in ignoring picked course is on guard measure, decline from red bayberry tree carelessly, cause hip joint serious dislocation, the hospital was fought to lie two days in Hu Fang, cost medical expenses is close 1000 yuan. Because domestic economy is not bounteous, he 43 years old did not wait for heal, left hospital lamely namely, saying is to come home sanatorium, can save some of money.

According to this courtyard statistic, annual period of red ” of “ Yang Mei, because pluck Yang Mei causes the patient that disable to have 40—50 person, lumbar, vertebral, pelvis, limb, clavicle gets injured by fall have, a few serious person lifelong even cause damage. The reporter also consulted a few data, discover sex of red bayberry tree is fragile break easily, increasing picked period just is plum rains day, moisture slips easily. Suggest tourist of happy ” of broad fruit grower and “ farmhouse is when picked Yang Mei here, must notice safety, wear or can be being built when necessary is safety belt, avoid temporarily unwary “ as single slip may cause lasting sorrow ” .

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