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"Wine of red bayberry dip " market of the liquor that take flourishing

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   Red bayberry appears on the market period shorter, save to facilitate, many citizens use wine of red bayberry dip, this also drove the sales volume of the liquor on the market.

Yesterday, supermarket of alive Ji Lianhua sees the reporter, bottles of big liquor of 2.5 litres of a few outfit is piled up be on sales promotion bar by marked ground. To facilitate the client identifies, the supermarket returned specially to place the red bayberry alcoholic drink that one altar has immersed. According to staff member introduction, the near future is liquor sale formerly is off-season, citizens immerse the upsurge of red bayberry wine, the market of liquor rises somewhat.

In a drug-store of swallow river community, the sale of bulk liquor is pretty good also, some people are bought is 10 jins. Merchant says, these days sales volume comparing is 34 times better at ordinary times.

Nevertheless, citizens immerse when red bayberry wine, also want to notice Yang Mei's cleanness. Master of fruit grower king says, the citizen is when edible, had better wash with clear water, or immerse a few minutes with brine. Immersing when red bayberry wine, also need to clean Yang Mei, in letting insect enter wine.

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