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Want to attend Yang Mei to pluck Youjin farmer mailbox looks

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How many person does garden of arbutus of “ of report from our correspondent have to pluck everyday? ”“700 person, smooth entrance ticket everyday income 10 thousand multivariate, return leave out each everyday ”“ of cost of 70 yuan of hire hands saves all arbutus garden to manage good ”…… so completely

Yesterday, inside garden of sightseeing of arbutus of village of brook of plum of town of booth of a unit of length of city of more than Yao, a flock of special guests at the same time with garden advocate chat, at the same time Xiang Zheng enquires in tourist of picked Yang Mei on hill, they are the market demand that group of Mao Linsheng's vice-governor is inspecting red bayberry sightseeing to swim and situations of red bayberry produce and sale.

Red bayberry is the 2nd big industry that orange is next to in my province fruit, complete province has Yang Mei to grow an area 1 million mus, crop 300 thousand tons, production value 2 billion yuan, the farmer that cultivates Yang Mei is numerous, formed stage city, Ning Bo and Wen Zhou advantage of 3 big arbutus produces a division.

The risk that Dan Yangmei faces in produce and sale is very big, it is more difficult to last as a result of Yang Mei, many days 20 short sale period, became ” of time limit of “ life and death simply to red bayberry farmer.

Begin this year, besides selling on the net, yu Yaolv tries to use travel of sightseeing of garden of red bayberry sightseeing to drive a sale first, attract him oppidan to pluck.

Controller of garden of sightseeing of arbutus of village of brook of plum of town of booth of a unit of length holds the post of a country to say greatly, garden of many mus of 70 his arbutus, already welcomed many 2000 visitor this year, arbutus of garden division in part is these come from tourist of and other places of Shanghai, Suzhou to be bought.

“ cost is saved, benefit is very good, add at least than in former years receive 50 thousand yuan! He is laughing at ” to say, in garden of red bayberry sightseeing, you not only can eat Yang Mei, OK still go angling, take farmhouse course.

Bureau of aricultural of city of more than Yao introduces, current, more than Yao already built sightseeing of of all kinds arbutus to nod nearly 100, cover Mu of booth of a unit of length, 37 city, old hidden from view, Liang Long, river to cross, 7 villages and towns such as Ma Zhuji Mou Shan, can accommodate the hill on 50 thousand much person everyday picked Yang Mei.

Mao Linsheng says, when Yang Mei is mature, it is difficult that the government fears Mei Nong sells Yang Mei, joy of red bayberry sightseeing swims now appear, it is contemporary agriculture to 3 produce outspread, increase produce additional cost, it is travel recreational new way, this kind of sale is encouraged in means province advocate.

Complete province is extending more than Yao way, now, the citizen should enter farmer mailbox only (Www.zjnm.cn) , click “ Yang Mei again red in June ” , enter 2007 arbutus special performance, traffic circuitry, price has completely inside, the Yang Mei that you can find standard of complete province each district is picked swim.
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