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The winter warms spring chill lets this locality arbutus appear on the market ce

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Look two kinds of about the same Yang Mei, a kind of trade price 3 yuan / jin, another kind every jins of ask a price is as high as 15 yuan, is this how to return a responsibility?

Yesterday morning, the Bao aunt specially that lives in lampwick alley community hurries to Dong Xinguo to taste the market to think granddaughter is wholesale a few jins of Yang Mei taste have a taste of what is just in season, the red bayberry trade price of the full of beautiful things in eyes in the market lets Bao aunt look spent an eye.

Suffer the abnormal weather of wintry warm spring chill is affected first half of the year, red bayberry like a swarm of bees centers the Zhejiang of and other places of house of Ci Xi, more than Yao, Lan Xi, celestial being, Wen Ling, beautiful water in this paragraph of time to appear on the market this year. The great disparity of red bayberry price difference with different producing area, wholesale price difference is highest can amount to 10 multivariate.

Abnormal weather throws into confusion each district time is wrong

“ carries midday arbutus to hang basket head ” , before the dragon boat festival this year, one of n/COL the head of a family fruits that all sorts of arbutus such as celestial being plum, charcoal plum had made vendor's stand of fruit of Hangzhou ave lane go up. “ and photograph of in former years are compared, the time that arbutus of Zhejiang this locality comes to this year is extraordinary concentration, do not have time to differ at all. ” just inspects the city fruit company that come back to sell a rash manager to say from the red bayberry producing area such as more than Yao.

Introduce according to him, red bayberry is the special local product of Zhejiang, house of Ci Xi, Lan Xi, celestial being, Wen Zhou, more than Yao, go up and other places of anxiety, beautiful water is Yang Mei producing area, as a result of the cause of situation, annual the Yang Mei of each district can stagger commonly appear on the market, of “ south producing area go up first, of mid producing area should pass again half month, 20 come on the talent. ” faces the unusual situation this year, the expert analyses academy of sciences of Zhejiang province agriculture related horticultural institute and the abnormal weather first half of the year concerns: The warm winter last year and the cold air this year March, one heat one cold, threw into confusion arbutus of Zhejiang each district blossoms, the time of the result is wrong.

Red bayberry cultivated an area to break up one times much

On one hand each district arbutus appears on the market centrally in great quantities, on the other hand I save Yang Mei to cultivate an area to be being achieved ceaselessly piece new tall. According to saving the relevant statistic data of agricultural hall to show, be in early I saved Yang Mei to cultivate area nearby 2006 1 million mus, crop amounts to 300 thousand tons, than breaking up one time fully 5 years ago. “ resides the feedback that waits for famous producing area to look from more than Yao, celestial being, this year is red bayberry off year, red bayberry price is very strong; But complete province, because total cardinal number is large, remain good year this year, it is cheap last year that the price is compared on average two 3 into. ” rash director says: The difference of red bayberry price of “ different breed is pulled more greatly. ”
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