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Buy Yang Mei to beware " trap "

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Nowadays of report from our correspondent is Yang Mei during appearing on the market, the many arbutus consumption that saves door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to be united in wedlock to be accepted recently is complained, remind to everybody: Buy Yang Mei to be careful “ trap ” .

A few days ago, some is getting on Shanghai consumer teach anxiety city was in the market to buy 20 kilograms of Yang Mei. Fu Mou feels weight may be put in feline be bored with, the result looks for market fairness balance to say: Purify basket, red bayberry just 15 kilograms. Via processing of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, manage a Sang Mou to be in complemental 20 kilograms of Yang Mei while, return compensation to give Fu Mou 5 kilograms of Yang Mei.

The “ trap ” that buys Yang Mei in roadside is more. One basket arbutus resembles “ a ‘ hamburger ’ , one is built well above, one is placed poorly among, another ” that rots below. More one basket holds one basket the Yang Mei that roadside sells, a lot of consumer were bought by the way go, the Yang Mei with bright red, full grain spreads the colour and lustre that did not think of a few undesirable pedlar will be picked that day however uppermost face, and difference, bad even red bayberry underlay, the consumer of carelessness is duped very easily.

In addition, the Yang Mei that saves as a result of me appears on the market time is opposite later, and the Yang Mei of Fujian and other places appears on the market earlier, the petty gain that market price case also compares this locality on is controlled 10 yuan, a few undesirable pedlar pretends to be this locality arbutus to sell with nonlocal arbutus, seek profit from which.

Save door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to warn customer, should notice when buying Yang Mei: Buy red bayberry amount relatively a long time, must look carefully at carefully, prevent degenerative Yang Mei to adulterate; Do not be in as far as possible small vendor's stand buys roadside fluidity, when occurrence consumption dispute often very unmanageable. Once appear,consume dispute, want to be fastened with scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet of local The Ministry of Commerce and Industry as soon as possible, so that safeguard oneself legitimate rights and interests in time.

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