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Red bayberry, copy the calling card of another piece of fruit of the sea

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Recently, the Zhejiang that from the province association of industry of agricultural hall and province arbutus holds jointly saves the 2nd 10 big high-quality goods Yang Mei transmitted good news in activity of appraise through comparison, dong Kuiyang plum, early big Mei Yangmei has the honor to win the card of the arbutus that overlook the lake that our city choosing sends “ Zhejiang omits name of ” of arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods. Face Hai Yangmei, after afterwards faces sea tangerine, making the calling card of another piece of fruit of the our city. According to statistic, the our city has red bayberry area 110 thousand mus, crop predicts to achieve 50 thousand tons this year, grew nearly 40% than last year, production value is amounted to 300 million multivariate, it is the industry of fruit of the 2nd flood that is next to orange. Current, whole town was being formed include Bai Shuiyang, always head of abundant, river inside western industry of arbutus of a hunderd li is taken and include to emerge spring, Du Qiao, east a path between fields, small Zhi inside belt of industry of arbutus of a hunderd li of the eastpart part.

Admirable breed Mei Nong loves to be like children
Upriver village is pressed down in Bai Shuiyang, the reporter saw by local villager praise the Mei Shu of a Dong Kuiyang that is ” of “ arbutus king, this tree has 23 years of tree age, crown of a tree is huge and clinking, its are my shade the area amounts to 66 square metre, produced last year if really 200 kilograms, brought 8000 multivariate income for host, become a Yang Mei with local highest production value to cultivate. The plum cultivates the Dong Kuiyang that him respecting of master Luo Sue plants, there is in utterance proud: The Yang Mei that plants in Home “ has 35 plant go into operation, the body of fruit of red bayberry fruit that the red bayberry tree of this breed writtens guarantee is large, colour and lustre is bright, mouthfeel is good. As Lin Haiyang the plum knows what the name spends to rise, 2003, I am added at a heat planted many 200 Yang Mei, looking forward to them to be brought up to let us add as a result close become rich. In village of our upper reaches, the villager resembles be opposite to red bayberry tree be willing to part with or use spends time like his children, spend energy. In a year, I have the time of the half to use administrative arbutus hill almost, still see book study at ordinary times, attend groom. This year is red bayberry bumper harvest year, of red bayberry bought valence to buy every kilograms 30 yuan; Met last year red bayberry off year, buying price is 50 yuan to go to every kilograms high more, brought 46 thousand yuan income for me. The Yang Mei of nice variety is cultivated, it is better that the time that allows us is crossed, became a ready source of money of our villager be worthy of the name. ”
Our city arbutus helps advance somebody's career the history is long, the earliest it is OK to grow record restrospect to the Three Kingdoms. Go up century at the beginning of 80 time, the our city introduces breed of Dong Kuiyang plum to be cultivated inside whole town limits, but because management is proper,only Bai Shuiyang presses down upriver village, cultivate meticulously formed scope effect. The dominant position with this the largest assortment depends on fruit form big, character actor, yield is high, get the favour of farmer and consumer. Upriver Dongkui arbutus registered trademark of ” of arbutus of “ upper reaches 1999, become an our city to use Yu Yangmei's label the earliest. This breed brought sizable profit for farmer, what at present the Mei Nong of nearly 80% cultivates whole town is the Yang Mei of this breed. The our city's additionally local born and bred early big Mei Ye because the exterior is beautiful, be able to bear or endure store carry the red bayberry variety that wait for a characteristic and makes a lot of farmer cultivate, “ phoenix Yang Mei of early big plum and Dongkui of card of ” of “ upper reaches is in ” card early or late the province wins a gold prize on Nongbohui.
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