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Red bayberry lasts no longer difficult

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Report from our correspondent (Lin Na You Xindong) Yang Mei becomes angry character changeably, last difficulty is great. In recent years, increase ceaselessly as crop of our city arbutus, red bayberry lasts the technology captures hard all the time however. This one problem got effective settlement nowadays, first arbutus of whole town fast cold last equipment transferred an our city recently, the limited company of food of eye of Zhejiang narrow one's eyes that install is located in luck becomes whole city first are engaged in Yang Mei fast cold lasted manufacturer.
According to introducing, red bayberry just plucked from the tree come down “ breath ” is very exuberant, red bayberry fast cold last the “ that technical point restrains Yang Mei namely breathes ” , make use up fall lowest, last thereby period lengthen. Pass an experiment to prove, this technology can make red bayberry fructification drops in temperature quickly inside 10 minutes 5 ℃ , the acid that can maintain Yang Mei spy to have already is sweet mouthfeel, lasted effect also can be achieved optimal, last period can amount to 20 days or so.
As we have learned, company of eye of narrow one's eyes plans to purchase the Yang Mei of 100 tons of above in the our city this year, through lasting processing hind basically supplies European market, the price makes an appointment with 150 yuan every kilograms. (origin: Lukewarm city evening paper on June 29, 2007)

Caption: In the workshop of company of eye of narrow one's eyes, workers are using new technology to last Yang Mei.

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