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"Celestial being plum " bring Ju Yangmei of celestial being of flourishing of 10

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On July 4 morning, the reporter resides prefectural forestry special local product to develop a center to see in celestial being, staff member busy move sends car of mount of 200 box arbutus upgrade sea. Introduce according to central director Wu Shijun, from June since the middle ten days of a month, the telephone call of ” of plum of celestial being of the “ that order that this center receives travelling merchant of and other places of Shanghai, Hangzhou to be hit everyday a few. Successive half many month comes, the car that buys Yang Mei to the company everyday discharges a cue.

Like center of development of forestry special local product, to this county company of distribute of many 200 arbutus, professional cooperation, distribute door is mixed on the west Yang Mei of first class of bridge of furnace, tung, bank is professional the traveling trader that the market buys Yang Mei also in an endless stream. ” of plum of “ celestial being brings flourishing of 100 course of study. Since Yang Mei appears on the market, taste Yang Mei to celestial being house, see the Yang Mei, traveling trader that buys Yang Mei, swarm the public house with this greatly small county, hotel, in the meantime, each travel scene areas that celestial being occupies, appear more more flourishing than ” of “ golden week travel is hot occasion.

The distinctive climate requirement that grows by right of capacious country natural resources, favorable zoology environment and appropriate Yang Mei, in recent years, celestial being resides a county to develop red bayberry property energetically. At present entire county shares red bayberry base more than mus 100 thousand, among them area of put into production makes an appointment with 40 thousand mus this year, predict red bayberry gross amounts to thirty-four thousand five hundred tons this year. In ensure farmer has developed high grade Yang Mei while, this county tries hard to make good arbutus product pack, produce the effect of professional cooperation adequately, straighten red bayberry industry to wait for each link to sale and treatment from production, ensure farmer increase production is added close.

Annual the activity of red bayberry section that is carrier in order to choose ” of “ arbutus faery, let red bayberry industry add culture flavor. In the red bayberry section this year, besides beautiful of countrywide each district beautiful people the ” of “ arbutus faery that attends eagerly chooses an activity outside, still have include the ” of “ arbutus king between fruit grower to choose the ” of contest, plum of “ celestial being that has the content such as red bayberry contest big ring activity, and the sightseeing of orchard of ” of plum of “ celestial being that lives couple of photograph of tourist attraction travel with celestial being swims wait for series activity, what promoted celestial being Ju Yangmei further is famous degree with the United States praise degree.
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