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Zhejiang saves arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods to judge came out

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Every kilograms trade price has general Yang Mei only 3-5 yuan, but the trade price of Dong Kuiyang plum of stage city one kilogram highest it is 50 yuan!

What what reason makes contrast of red bayberry price such is big? Brand force.

Yang Mei of ” of “ Dong Kui lets a person especially what Jing admires is to be like a ping-pong greatly, build is common Yang Mei 2 times above, average 18 have a jin to weigh. Dong Kui means the chief ” of “ east, it is the red bayberry variety with the at present biggest gains on our country and even world, its characteristic is fruit form especially big, colour and lustre is gorgeous, sweet acerbity dainty, local color is rich.

Nowadays is worth Yang Mei to appear on the market in great quantities, what Yang Mei is good, be worth everybody to sample? Yesterday afternoon, province agriculture hall holds Yang Mei to recommend meeting, announce Zhejiang saves result of appraise through comparison of arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods, crane top, celestial being the 10 old brands such as hill of Tuo of green, 9 peaks, general win out.

Interesting is, arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods is resided in Ci Xi, more than Yao, celestial being, install to face the sea, Qing Tian, calm sea, Ou sea, Huang Yan, luck, 10 large producing area have Lan Xi delegate.

Province agriculture hall introduces, red bayberry is the 2nd big industry that orange is next to in my province fruit, complete province has Yang Mei to grow an area 1.05 million mus, crop 310 thousand tons, production value exceeds 2 billion yuan, the farmer that cultivates Yang Mei is numerous, form stage city, Ning Bo and Wen Zhou advantage of 3 big arbutus produces a division.

Choose purpose of arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods to depend on, advance red bayberry brand to build, advocate high price for good quality, raise Zhejiang arbutus industry to be in thereby of home famous spend and market competition ability.

Selection standard pretty is interesting: The experts that come from hall of agriculture of courtyard of division of Zhejiang university, province farming, province are opposite respectively face of Yang Mei's pol, weight, fruit undertakes be metricaled one by one, appearance of the color of arbutus of 17 the 6 great variety that and be opposite come from and other places of Hangzhou, lukewarm city, stage city, lake city, Jin Hua, beautiful water, brands, gust, fructification undertakes grading. In the meantime, the scale of production of red bayberry, pack, brand, brand also is one of chosen important basises.

Cent batch judges “ precocity and late-mature Yang Mei. ” saves Huang Xianguo of division of agricultural hall fruit to say.

Zhejiang saves arbutus of the 2nd 10 big high-quality goods (the rank is not divided early or late)

Brand breed declares an unit

Candle lake water chest nut is planted agriculture of town of horizontal river of kind brook city serves a company
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