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The part of red bayberry alternates

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A few days ago, the author attended twice to collect red bayberry activity to Zhejiang beyond Yao and desolate hill, sigh with emotion more quite.

Red bayberry is articles of tribute since Chinese face oneself, su Dongpo has grape of “ Fujian wide litchi, Xi Liang, Wu Yue of Yang Mei ” say. In recent years, zhejiang arbutus is to travel across the high seas more, exit is achieved collect. The friend that occupies more than Yao says, xilake of the president before France still sampled last year Yang Mei of more than Yao, and in Hong Kong market, the Yang Mei that house of Zhejiang celestial being, luck installs is to talk sell, every 1 dollar.

Dan Yangmei's mature season is very short. ” of Man Shangong of arbutus of “ Summer Solstice, those who say is solstitial around 10 coming is the optimal time that takes Yang Mei between climate, spent this time, eat fresh Yang Mei very hard again. Take Yang Mei's time to lengthen, had arbutus of red bayberry wine, aspic. The government of Zhejiang arbutus producing area faces global invite public bidding with inviting price in recent years, hope to solve Yang Mei last problem, but did not see good plan up to now. Then, the sale of red bayberry became Mei Nong people an anxiety. Red bayberry produces a division is a mountainous area completely almost, if do not have shipment channel, the Yang Mei that overflows hill to all over mountain can look at it to rot in Yang Mei the tree falls only.

A few local government think the place of fruit grower thinks, the place of urgent fruit grower is urgent, and provide originality alone: Run red bayberry red-letter day, it is originally farming the Yang Mei of by-product property turns travel into the product, appear personally by tourism bureau, entrust travel agent organization, the resident that asks big city is driving illicit home car, sitting trailer coach heads for Yang Mei to produce a division, tourist of at one's convenience walks into edge of Yang Mei forest to collect an edge to eat, his incidentally is returned when be being faced the Yang Mei with a few fresh and goluptious basket.

The result is clearly. Produce in many arbutus when the area complains “ sells Yang Mei difficult ” , zhejiang beyond Yao, Xiao Shan, luck is installed high-rise, long promote, Ci Xi area arbutus social status that began ” of “ arbutus travel soars. Red bayberry still is on the tree, be booked by travel department, the price that the price nature that returns the Yang Mei on the tree comes down to carry market to sell than picking is gotten high much. Such meddlesome nature lets fruit grower people smile.

The part of red bayberry alternates those who show is the changeover of train of thought of local cadre. Want ground of local cadre genuinely and sincerely to be farmer consider only, have the thinking that innovation develops, not only Yang Mei's part can alternate, loquat, orange, Chinese torreya, Chinese chestnut, and even duck of sweet potato, chicken all convertibility part, and price of be a good fit is steep add, solve “ 3 farming ” problem also again won't difficult.
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