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Bai Shuiyang presses down red bayberry flourishing 100 course of study

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Came recently, the Dong Kui that Bai Shuiyang presses down is high grade Yang Mei appears on the market in succession, thriving red bayberry market drove the development of local other industry at the same time.
Current, white water foreign cool with cold water or ice cultivates Yang Mei in all many mus 5000, year total output amounts to 1 million kilograms of above, among them development of base of two big arbutus highlights upriver village, Bai Shuiyang village most. Base of upriver village arbutus cultivates Yang Mei many mus 3000, predict total production value can amount to many yuan 1500 this year. This village begins to cultivate Yang Mei from 1985, at present door all income is amounted to 20 thousand multivariate, income has many in this village in the farmer of 779 yuan of above. Base of arbutus of white water foreign village cultivates Yang Mei nearly 1000 mus, crop of arbutus of whole this year village amounts to 300 thousand kilograms. From this town Yang Mei leaves since picking, come the travelling merchant of and other places of the each district inside self-communion and Guangdong, Ningxia, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu comes round to buy Yang Mei in succession, press down red bayberry supply and marketing completely at present two flourishing.
Thriving red bayberry industry brought considerable income to farmer not only, also drove this development that presses down other industry at the same time. Red bayberry leaves since picking, local meal and accommodation industry are very hot. A few days come, small hotel lives in several guesthouse inside the town and each full person, a lot of travelling merchant must drive car lodges to the urban district that overlook the lake and county of celestial being house. Archives of the restaurant inside township, platoon opened the business during picking to exceed the Spring Festival even in Yang Mei. A lot of restaurant increased temporarily the desk and chair also satisfies client requirement hard, a lot of clients must not differ on after desk client leaves again repast. It is with upriver village exemple, this village is a hill village that does not have meal inn originally, leave in Yang Mei during picking, the booth of many 30 meal that place sets temporarily is nodded everyday busy come nevertheless. Of red bayberry a large number of appearing on the market more the development that drove carrying trade, everyday nearly 1000 cars carry Yang Mei toward each district, connecting platoon of end of head of old on the driveway that leads to upriver village small car became long dragon.
In the meantime, as a result of large quantities of personnel swarm into, the turnover of the size supermarket of township and other store increased many.

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