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I save Yang Mei this year purchase and sale two flourishing pluck sightseeing sw

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At present is worth Yang Mei to appear on the market fastigium. The reporter learns from concerned respect today, I save red bayberry purchase and sale this year two flourishing, already sold at present 7 into many, pluck sightseeing swims among them, the new window that fruit treatment became Yang Mei to sell.

As we have learned, the red bayberry crop that I save this year amounts to 380 thousand tons or so, relatively go up year of growth 23% . From each the circumstance of feedback yield a division looks, fruit quality actor, pack elegant, brand famous degree big, every kilograms of trade price is in 20 yuan of above, the retail price of arbutus of high-quality goods of part of kind brook and other places achieves every kilograms even 200 multivariate. Compare general Yang Mei every kilograms of 5 price to 6 yuan, high price for good quality gets be reflectinged further than in former years.

Picked sightseeing swims is this year the new channel that red bayberry flourishing sells. City of more than Yao is in every Yang Mei advocate produce an area to build a red bayberry sightseeing to nod, view spot dest clerk, farmhouse the staff facilities everything needed is ready such as happy, parking lot, communication. It is early at the beginning of June, many 50 travel agent of and other places of Shanghai, Hangzhou, peaceful wave expedite sale director to watch line of picked You Lu on the spot. Association of province arbutus industry says about chief, swim through picked sightseeing new measure of this one sales promotion, I saved the Yang Mei of nearly 5% to find ” of “ husband's family.

What be worth to be carried particularly is, in waiting, red bayberry fruit juice, wine and fruit vinegar increase of high-grade product process capability ceaselessly, increased me to save Yang Mei's market. As we have learned, I save 30% much arbutus to be eaten what ” enters by treatment company “ namely this year. In Huang Yan, only year of treatment capacity of syrup arbutus can amount to many tons 4000. Celestial being house already built two Yang Mei that give priority to with fruit juice, wine to process a business, year treatment measures many tons 10 thousand, the product is popular Shanghai big in city. Among them, the drink of ” of “ Yang Mei of limited company of drink of Zhejiang raise eyebrow is returned with north Home Ouyi company signed supply agreement.

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