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Feral Yang Mei introduces

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Basically grow in southeastern, for constant green small tree, rice of 3~5 of a few height, diameter 10 differ to 20 much centimeter. Also had seen in Dashanli the tree is many meters 20 tall, the feral Yang Mei of 50 much centimeter cultivates the diameter (extremely scarce) . Red bayberry establishs type of work in production of person having branch establish and feral two types. The breed of red bayberry can be divided, white Yang Mei, red Yang Mei, black (violet) Yang Mei, Shi Yangmei different. Fruit size, acid is sweet with grow the environment is concerned, the flesh that plants artificially is compared more not acerbity, feral comparison is acerbity sweet, the mouthfeel after feeding has been compared relatively. If bedding face accumulates planted Yang Mei to also be met,give birth to bug artificially, somebody treats bug with pesticide. Feral Yang Mei, grow for free condition, do not be afraid of insect pest, green plum cries when end is mature, the surface is solidder, bite below acerbity and have a kind of gooey taste. I collect Yang Mei as a child, had not seen what can eat Yang Mei bug. Before a few years feral Yang Mei, what grow in Fujian northwest mountain forest is very much, when most place matures to Yang Mei, cannot collect in how. Successors chop tree afforestation, into piece the forest was chopped. Reoccupy fire will burn a few days of a few night (common people calls refine hill) . Plant again the fir that next people think it is better to have economic benefits and deal. But went a few years,the history proves, the person's choice is wrong. Because these two kinds cultivate a lot of snake. But after hill of baked wheaten cake, a lot of trees are planted be eliminated by factitious ground, very much beneficial insect is burned dead by while still alive, a lot of flyer and animal are not be being burned dead is homeless. The upper plant that formed 100000 is burned dead by while still alive. The natural biology chain that formed 100000 is destroyed by factitious ground. The human destruction to the environment, what cause fight course of study and crime course of study is the biggest. Surpass previously all wars. Of this person in all course of study and in all blame. Destroyed all biology severely live environment, nowadays the eccentric change of climate, evil because all depend on a person, mankind of this a bitter pill to swallow had begun to taste now. The world does not have a bitter pill to swallow originally, but the person can be built, does the world have the sort of thing that has wisdom more than natural former zoology?

The time great majority of picked Yang Mei is in around of dragon boat festival, altitude is inferior the area with higher air temperature, time of red bayberry maturity is earlier. Conversely late. But the maturity of altitude high mountain area in more than 1000 meters is opposite later, some going to of the traditional Chinese calendar low in May, a few delay arrives the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of June. The red bayberry fruit that the area with higher inferior air temperature grows altitude is lesser harder, ” of Shi Yangmei of “ of the person in hill. This fruit should arrive squashy ability is delicious. But the aesthetic feeling that the mouthfeel after this plum is fed has 涼 bright very much quite relatively. Acidity it may not be a bad idea. Officinal better. But the amount is very few. Can do officinal Yang Mei with feral had better, half feral take second place (after be being cultivated artificially use agriculture chemical less, or scanty at management, or breed having a place degrades) , plant artificially that greatly view the past very beautiful, officinal poorer. What what I use at present is feral Yang Mei, of give a lecture also is feral Yang Mei is officinal. Below the sexual flavour of feral Yang Mei and function say;
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