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Chinese arbutus is phyletic

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Red bayberry is plant of arbutus of red bayberry division. Belong to a plant to there are 4 to plant in our country originally:

1. Yang Mei of red bayberry   is constant green tree, tall 5 ~ 12 meters. Young tree bark is smooth, show yellow celadon, old tree is taupe, the surface often has white milky spot, many shallow slit. Xie Ge is qualitative, rich burnish of face of blade, bottle green, foliaceous back is virescent, back of leaf of face of blade is flowing without wool. Individual plant of different of male and female. Fruit is bigger, the circle is globose. Our country helps advance somebody's career breed belongs to this planting more.

2. Mao Yangmei of Mao Yangmei   is constant green tree, tall 4 ~ 11 meters. Young branch white, close by fluff. Bark weak gray. Blade does not have wool, petiole has white short fluff a bit. Fruit is small, egg form. Distributinging Yu Yun, expensive, plain 1600 ~ handle height above sea level 2300 meters, southeast Asia also has distributing.

3. Plum of Cathay poplar of   of Cathay poplar plum weighs fine Xie Yangmei again, bush or arbor, tall 1 ~ 6 meters. Young branch is fine, by short fluff and aureate gland body. Foliaceous back face of blade is close by gland body, midrib has short fluff, petiole does not have wool. Fruit is elliptic, red or white, odd fruit weighs 10 grams of 5 ~ . 10 ~ blossommed in November, second year 2 ~ fructification is mature in May. Can feed after fruit salt be soiled, can be used as medicine. Produce Guangxi, Hainan.

4. Arbutus of Yunnan of Yunnan arbutus   weighs short Yang Mei again, changlu bush, 1 meter tall. Nervation of face of blade is sunken below, rear and raised, petiole is extremely short, have short fluff a bit. Fruit is small, egg circle is a bit flat. Produce the cloud, expensive height above sea level 2800 place of 1500 ~ .

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