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Yang Mei is red in June overlook the lake

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Face the world of sea arbutus coronal. Lin Haiyang Mei Ke is big, lubricious much, flavour weighs colourful, juice, since ancient times renown a confusion of voices global. It tastes not only delicious, and have officinal value extremely. The pulp of red bayberry contains a lot ofa variety of vitamins such as protein, candy, calcic, phosphor, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop a variety of effect such as divert oneself from boredom of heat of kidney of beneficial of aid digestion of thirsty, side, diuresis, dispel. The nucleolus of red bayberry contains vitamin B17, have the effect that prevents cancer to treat cancer. Li Shizhen is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in write: “ Yang Mei can stop thirsty, with the five internal organs, can wash intestines and stomach, remove irritated anger evil gas. ”

Zhejiang overlooks the lake is the countryside ” of the “ China arbutus that central Ministry of Agriculture names, crop red bayberry history long, cross relics textual research according to churchyard river Mu, there already was Yang Mei early to be planted formerly before 7000 existence, help advance somebody's career artificially the history also has 2000 one's remaining years. Existing Yang Mei of more than Yao helps advance somebody's career area 82 thousand mus, first what reside the whole nation, often produce per year a quantity 20 thousand tons or so, be located in countrywide front row. Help advance somebody's career the area already enlarged 19 villages and towns of whole town, emerge in large numbers gives major of characteristic of a batch of arbutus the famous arbutus brand such as village and card of ” of “ crane top. Already sold the countrywide each district such as past Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, northeast, halfway product already entered Hong Kong international market.
Black of cent of the arbutus that overlook the lake, pink, red, white 4 great variety, the “ water chest nut that plants with black among them is planted ” is most famous. This breed fructification is round whole, colour and lustre gorgeous, smell is sweet the nucleus is small, teem with Yu Linhai western one belt. Originate in the poplar Mei Yejiu that faces Hai Hengxi to press down to enjoy great reputation, its characteristic is flavour delicacy, sweet acid is goluptious, appear on the market time is later.
Annual when Yang Mei is mature in June, the countryside joy of Yang Mei of annual “ of section of the arbutus that overlook the lake swims ” activity will ablaze come on stage. Domestic and international tourist is thick as hail, gather more than Yao, admire full hill the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, article plant if really curiosa, extremely!

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