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Black crisp arbutus

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Black crisp arbutus advocate produce Guangdong wet this world. This breed tree situation is able-bodied, crown of a tree opens business partly, semicircle head form. Xie Chang pours egg form, openly bottle green, the reverse side is virescent, long 3.5-6 centimeter, wide 1.5-2.5 centimeter, whole reason is not had toothed, before half wider and the circle is blunt, tip is tiny sunken, wedge of foliaceous radical ministry gradually pointed. Fructification intimate circle is globose, weigh 12 grams on average, can amount to 15.8 grams most, the amaranth when maturity or violet black. Fruit authority is wide and short, fleshy qualitative delicacy, juice much smell is sweet, because of,contain solubility form content 12.4 % , contain sugar 10.2% , contain acid 0.8% , can feed rate 94% . Blossom after Guangdong the Waking of Insects, the first ten days of a month is mature in June, for late-mature and admirable breed.
This breed is main the advantage is fruit form big, character actor, the shell is beautiful, yield is higher, the 3-5 after grafting seedling establish year result, 15 years unripe tree individual plant is produced amount to 130 kilograms, autumn is able to bear or endure wet sex is strong, do not cause a large number of premature drop below rainy circumstance. Its are main defect is florescence is afraid of freezing rain mist, capacity needing fertilizer is more, crop is not stable, life is brief. Requirement fertilizer earths up level of management taller, cause appearance of result of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days easily when fat water is insufficient, quality is poor; When florescence low temperature is rainy, affect pollination be fertilized, cause lean.

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