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Fourth Ao Yang Mei produces Zhejiang Wen Zhou, always fine, Le Qing and other places, in belonging to ripe breed. Force of this breed tree is more powerful, round head form or hemicycle, very not orderly. Vimineous weak point shrinks, xiemisheng, wrap around to fall needle form or long elliptic, grow 5.5 centimeters on average, 1.92 centimeters wide, tip blunt circle or needle are round, base ministry wedge, whole reason. Branch is few and far between and open business. Fructification circle, in big, average freely diameter 2.88 × 2.72 centimeters, odd fruit weighs 11.7 grams, big person amount to 13 grams above. Fruit handle is about 2 centimeters long, have annular channel grain very if really, amaranth of mature and sequential face, condition of tumor of ministry of the base of a fruit is protuberant big, huang Gong is lubricious. Handle of cause and effect is long, fruit and put forth effort of fruit axis firm are strong, can collect even the axis below, can distinguish with other breed in the market. Have a strain among them, viridescence of fruit the base of a fruit and gules fruit face set each other off, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, say especially " red Pan Ludi " . Circle of fleshy column tip is blunt, fu Guangze, soft and juicily, sweet much sick at heart is little, on character, contain substance of solubility solid form 11.1% , the quantity that contain acid 0.8% . The nucleus is small, the flesh is thick, can feed rate 94-96% .
This breed in Wen Zhou medium in June, the last ten-day of a month matures, be able to bear or endure a bit lay aside carry, fight wind-force stronger, crop is medium, advocate feed for delicacy, also but coal tub hides treatment, be 4 big thoroughbred one of. Color of this breed fructification (cyanine element) content is insufficient, it is after coal tub Tibet or dip wine, fruit face colour and lustre is shallow weak, need to add artificial pigment.

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