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Crystal Yang Mei

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Crystal Yang Mei calls poplar of white Sha Yangmei, west hill plum, 2 white arbutus again, produce Zhejiang go up and other places of anxiety, more than Yao. The only big fruit form in be poplar plum breed, get consumer gay breed. Tree situation is able-bodied, hemicycle of crown of a tree, the leaf wraps around needle form or form of long egg, 7.57 centimeters long, 2.37 centimeters wide, tip circle is blunt, occasional gradually pointed, brim occasional has toothed, qualitative thin, virescent. Fructification circle, average freely diameter 2.68 × 2.7 centimeters, odd fruit weighs 12 grams left and right sides, fruit face white, be over ripe hind show white or yellow fraction white, some plant sometimes a bit erubescent. Fleshy column circle is blunt, fleshy qualitative softness, juice is much, contain substance of solubility solid form 11.8% , flavour delicacy is sweet, take sick at heart slightly, quality is good, advocate feed for delicacy. The nucleus is big, weigh 0.91 grams, fructification can be fed rate 91% . In more than Yao the bottom came in June the maturity at the beginning of July, the name that is poplar Mei Zhong is planted, high yield, but crop is flabby, easy premature drop.
This breed and the poplar plum breed of all devoid cyanine element are same, its adaptability is poorer, fight go against a gender weaker, in barren, without irrigate conditional soil cannot suit. So although this breed is early going up century 50 time are discovered, up to now area of put into production still is less than 100 mus. Help advance somebody's career this breed must choose the land with fecund foot of a hill, canaliculus of essence of life manages, dry season undertakes irrigating artificially.

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