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Wan Jimi plum

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Late Ji sweet plum is from Yu Yaozhu the new breed of high grade and late-mature arbutus that in growing breed water chest nut to plant, singles out. This breed is planted than water chest nut defer matures 5 days or so, delicacy is fed all actor or actress with treatment character, high yield sex is good, character is stable, passed Zhejiang to save the achievement appraisal that Science and Technics Agency organizes in January 2003.

Sex of this breed high yield is good, 4 years unripe plant output can amount to 5.7 kilograms, 6 years unripe plant output can amount to 36 kilograms, plant than water chest nut increase production 15% above. Fruit face violet black, do not have Yang Mei to spend, contain a lot ofburnish, brightness beautiful. Sweet taste is thick, mouthfeel beautiful, the flesh is qualitative compact, sex of lay aside carry is good. Average sheet weighs 13 grams if really, delicacy is fed all actor or actress with treatment character; Fructification can be fed rate amount to 95.6% , content of content of solubility solid form is amounted to 13.9% , most be as high as 15.7% . Tree situation is able-bodied, branches and leaves is exuberant, form of round head of crown of a tree, xie Senong is green. The result provision branch that has 30-40% Chun Sao and Xia Sao every year to be not become as a result below one year, result of because this crop is stable old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days is not clear, in the result relatively a long time produces premature drop not easily also. Be in country of origin more than Yao the fructification at the beginning of July is mature by June, can lengthen water chest nut to plant Yang Mei is supplied period, and fruit form increases, the quantity that contain sugar increases, it is delicacy eats the variety with processability much better shape. Because be able to bear or endure drought capability is stronger, can arrange in altitude higher hilly area is cultivated, with producing its late-maturing advantage further.

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