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Early Ji sweet plum

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Department of early Ji sweet plum is planted from water chest nut the solid unripe precocity that singles out in Yang Mei is varietal. Tree situation is middle, form of round head of crown of a tree. The leaf is lesser, the part of a historical period is 7.6 centimeters long, 2.7 centimeters wide, two side slightly up. Fructification flat circle, fruit body is larger, freely diameter 2.6 × 2.7 centimeters, odd fruit makes an appointment with 9.5 grams again, ; Be over ripe when fruit face shows claret, shining, circle of fleshy capital end is blunt, size is even, can feed rate 93.1% , content of content of solubility solid form 12.4% , the quantity that contain acid 1.2% , sweet acerbity moderate, quality is good. The quality of potted treatment finished product also is planted with water chest nut red bayberry essentially similar. In more than Yao the middle ten days of a month on June matures, plant than common water chest nut early 7-10 day is collected close, it is one of Yang Mei's at present earliest in breed admirable breed. This breed enters result period earlier, cultivated hind 3-4 year begin a result, 4 years unripe tree individual plant produces 5 kilograms, 6 years unripe individual plant produces 31 kilograms, mu produce about 1085 kilograms. Fight go against a gender strong. Open florescence to compare day of general early 15-20, can avoid the harm of florescence sand blown by wind, it is this breed strong rate one of accounts with tall, sure crop.

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