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Prevention of new measures bayberry branches rot

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Bayberry trees branches rot is more common occurrence of diseases. Recent years due to changes in climate and ecological environment, the occurrence and rise. Heavier branches rot damage, causing rot dead branches, causing premature aging tree. Of economic development. Early symptoms of the disease onset cortical stem rot disease cortex, the Ministry of red-brown, slightly elevated, soft tissue, early decline. Branches late blight, disease shrinkage of the Ministry of dehydration, depression was like, to black, and black point of the raw pellets, small black spot on a very fine bristles. Pathogen are fungal diseases. Clinical features The bacteria overwinter in sick deformed, in the following year started its activities as appropriate, the external environment, bacteria from the branches wounds, cracks, or shoot with the base of branches between the invasive disease section, and gradually spread throughout the shoot, until 2-3 years old the incidence of branches are withered. Wet wet, absorbent litter on the lesion, spores from the overflow orifice, with rain spread of re-infection. Incidence is proportional to the degree of rainfall, rain, wet orchards, extensive management, tree vigor is weak more serious disease. Control methods 1) Strengthening the management of rational fertilization orchard irrigation, increasing potassium fertilizer and organic fertilizer, P fertilizer spray the entire park after the film increased tree vigor of new fat, improve tree resistance to disease. Science pruning broken branches and thick branches cut off disease, regulate air and light. Note orchards during the rainy season drainage measures to maintain the orchard proper temperature and humidity, combined with cutting, cleaning up the orchard, to enhance soil improvement. 2) choose a more disease-resistant varieties. 3) when necessary, protect the tree trunk, General James, the occurrence of disease prevention and control. Anti-corrosion coating in the wound callus membrane to prevent water evaporation, nutrient consumption.
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