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Does chief arbutus appear east the reason of unusual premature drop and counterm

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The Yang Mei of Zhao Ao village cultivates large family Home Zhang Jianping has many mus 10 Yang Mei, yang Mei is big this year bumper harvest, zhang Jianping is looking at the red bayberry be overjoyed of full hill. Unexpectedly, during plucking with respect to what in Dong Kuiyang the plum matures, the ground of red bayberry for no reason at all that Zhang Jianping discovers his home appeared mildew changes premature drop phenomenon, phone prefectural forestry bureau instantly hill of advanced agronomist Shen Qing.
The reporter sees on the red bayberry hill of Home Zhang Jianping, a lot of in the mature already Yang Mei on the tree hanging that produced mildew to change, and getting full mountain is. Zhang Jianping conveniently picked a Yang Mei to look to the reporter from the tree, already was most became moldy, he says, this kind of phenomenon discovers when Dong Kuiyang plum began to pluck on June 17, change and everyday Yang Mei throws away because of mildew, the loss is bigger.
It is what reason causes Yang Mei after all unusual premature drop. For this, the reporter interviewed Shenyang green hill. He tells a reporter, current Yang Mei appears phenomenon of unusual premature drop is compared in entire county general, a lot of Mei Nong came up against as same as Zhang Jianping question. Begin from June 20, the red bayberry gains on the fruiter appears the pulp molten, symptom that gives water, disease happening compares white on June 23 corrupt general, it is for the most part 5% to 10% the left and right sides, individual tree was occupied 15% .
Analysis of Shenyang green hill says, red bayberry appears unusual premature drop is main the reason is, dong Kuiyang plum is picked this year fill period appeared humidity of high temperature, tall rainfall and headroom gas, in high temperature tall wet condition issues white mould, green mould to erupt in great quantities, make red bayberry fructification produces mildew to change, especially the fruit garden of closing of crown of a tree happens more serious. In high temperature tall wet condition falls, development of red bayberry drosophila period shorten, progenitive force increases form for generations of Gao Cheng period to overlap, because of some the orchard that defends unripe condition difference partly appears drosophila erupts greatly, drosophila imago thorn sucks fruit juice, make pulp bate, fall off, force as a result of high temperature ripe, fruit handle arises from the layer, firm put forth effort drops, make premature drop serious.
Be aimed at phenomenon of unusual premature drop, fruit grower people what step should take? Shenyang green hill suggests, if high temperature is high wet weather goes down continuously, broad Mei Nong is about to hurry to have crop to red bayberry tree, improve the ventilated condition of crown of a tree, send out in time quantity of heat, humidity, prevent a bacteria to breed here. Current, the high mountain arbutus of my county is picked period had not arrived, proposal Mei Nong people spray to the fruiter Shan Li acerbity Potassium, prevent fructification to be invaded to catch by the bacteria. In the meantime, in Yang Mei drosophila happening compares serious place, especially a few more a mountainous area the sanitation that the high mountain arbutus that has not pluck wants to do good garden instantly works. Current, the Yang Mei of area of my county Campagna is picked already neared end, mei Nong people advocate if had been done,be on guard the job, avoid next year of this kind of incident happen again. (origin: Network of news of celestial being house)
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