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The technology of prevention and cure of red bayberry root rot and sere disease

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Root rot of red bayberry acute is in only withered before dying 2 months just show apparent symptom, xie Se loses burnish, fade green, change brown falls off, the last ten-day of a month came in June air temperature of the first ten days of a month rose suddenly in July, easy in Cheng Guo happening period tree body, cause the quickness that establish system withered dead. Acidity crosses the big, soil that hardens permeability is differred easy happening.

Red bayberry does withered disease to endanger grafting place and limb, develop as the illness, ill spot expands ceaselessly, ill ministry dehydrates cave. Come on serious when, ill ministry is as deep as xylem, when ill ministry around truncal 1 Zhou Shi, truncal namely withered dead.

Method of prevention and cure:
(1) strengthen help advance somebody's career management. Add apply organic fertilizer and all sorts of potash fertilizer, enhance tree power. Seasonable intertill weeds, will marry soil breaks up all round interface.

(2) drug prevents and cure. Green go smoothly Fu Meishuang of a + (1: 9) 600 times, mix the insecticide such as a few laborious sulfur phosphor, dosage of every individual plant 40 ~ 50 kilograms, excavate 5 ~ radiate 7 times shape channel, channel is 30 centimeters wide, used drug 2 times with the cent at the beginning of July in March.

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