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Red bayberry tree administers good law

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The government that does good Yang Mei to cultivate the near future works, it is to ensure good year arbutus increases fruit form, promotional quality, reduce the premature drop before collecting, raise Xiaonian the key that leads if really. Measure basically has 2:
Had applied strong fruit hurried tip is fat
Fertilization time is by April to at the beginning of May. Fertilizer appropriate chooses fertilizer of the quick result that contain potassium, wait like potassium sulfate. Be used less as far as possible or need not potassium chloride. Lose by force according to situation of size of crown of a tree, tree and differ, every individual plant fertilizes 0. 5 - 1 kilogram. When fertilization, near waterline of drop of edge crown of a tree, open 20 - 30 centimeters wide shallow channel, apply fertilizer.

Plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure
Red bayberry disease is given priority to with speckle disease and bare garment disease, insect pest with moth kind give priority to with Jie carapace bug. Measure of specific prevention and cure:
Red bayberry speckle is ill: Season grows to arbutus of the middle ten days of a month on May by April, use 1  respectively 2  200 Bordeaux mixture, or 50 % much bacterium is clever 600 - 800 times fluid, or 70 % is methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm 800 - 1000 times fluid, or zinc of manganese of 65 % Dai Sen but wet sex powder sparge of 600 times fluid, every other 10 days of gush, in all gush 2.
Garment of red bayberry bare is ill: Annual 4 - came on illy for this in July period, answer right now according to air temperature discretion, choose 20 % grain to amount to a gram (or destroy withered spirit) 1000 - sparge of 1500 times fluid, every other 23 - 30 days of gush, in all gush 3 - 4.
Moth of red bayberry caterpillar, small Suo and lappet moth: Basically be kill new tip tender leaf, discover larva is when killing, breed with 48 % Le Siben 1000 times oilier fluid, or 40 % bug is not happy breast is 1000 times oilier fluid, or 20 % exterminates oil of chrysanthemum ester breast sparge of 2000 times fluid. Be in at the same time young bug bursa is excised artificially on age tree.
Jie carapace bug: Jie carapace bug is kill serious when, should be in 5 - 40 % is used between June fast attack the oil that kill breast 1500 times fluid, or 35 % overcomes lacteal oil quickly sparge of 1000 times fluid, in order to exterminate the generation nymph of Jie carapace bug.

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