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Garden of red bayberry low yield is transformed

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Garden of red bayberry low yield is the red bayberry tree that points to tree age to give birth to above in 8 years, as a result of misgovern, or manage extensive, edaphic fertility is insufficient, tree force is weak, plant diseases and insect pests is serious, cause this put into production and not put into production, or the red bayberry garden with very low yield, if these orchards can strengthen management to be able to produce economic benefits very quickly.
(one) desolation breaks Guan Yangmei to be transformed field.
1, strengthen earthy fertilizer to manage. Run-down and old red bayberry garden should chop the firewood of surface of clean full scope first, use cut the firewood below to undertake burning grey collect manure (should note fire prevention) , wait for the ground to grow afresh young 10 % careless Gan Lin is used when tender firewood 30 doubly 2 armour 4 300 times more chloric fluid undertakes weeding. To early spring (1 one Feburary) break up greatly to undertaking inside limits of underwater of drop of crown of a tree, deepness is controlled 30 centimeters, be united in wedlock to break up greatly apply next organic fertilizer (individual plant applies plant ash 1, urea half jins, or column of become thoroughly decomposed is fat 50 jins, urea half jins) .
2, reasonable clip. This kind of tree is general crown of a tree is very tall, big branch is much, rod is little, big branch and much erecter, because this is right among crown of a tree erect big branch should purify 1 3 one, erect to periphery big branch undertakes taking a branch, pull a branch, smoke the side branch of hair via pulling branch of the backbone after the branch to go up, want to be withheld as far as possible, scanty divide close unripe branch, excessive growth branch; The side branch that is far from backbone branch undertakes answering shrinking clip, anile side branch from base ministry annihilate. Cut even go the crisscross branch inside crown of a tree, cross close branch, ill bug branch and withered dead branch.
3, plant diseases and insect pests of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment. Qiu Dong season sweeps an orchard in time, branch of annihilate ill bug, deadwood centers burn down; Leaf spot of arbutus of Chun Xia prevention and cure, red bayberry coils foliaceous bug, ensure the health that establish system grows.
4, Zun of applied much effect and borax.
In July the last ten-day of a month comes in August cloth of gush of face of Xiang Xie of the first ten days of a month Zun of 15 % much effect 300 times fluid, make Xia Sao old ripe, control autumn tip is smoked hair, stimulative bud splits up. Red bayberry is short of boron, occurrence flocculus of the meeting that be short of zinc, the symptom lacking element such as withered tip and bunch leaf, should be united in wedlock to was applied June collect fruit fat individual plant to apply borax 150 grams, 150 grams are in vitriolic zinc florescence gush is arenaceous March 0.2 % borax 0.3 % urea 0.3 % phosphoric acid mixed liquor of 2 hydrogen Potassium.
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