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Red bayberry plant diseases and insect pests prevents and cure

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1, red bayberry leaf roller. Red bayberry leaf roller, common calls a leaf bug. Happen one year twice, namely by May one the middle ten days of a month was mixed in June 7 one in August. Be in with larva ministry of tender end of blade or spin of tender leaf brim are exhibited first, compose shows even blade bug to wrap, feed in Qian Juzhui leaf kill mesophyll, make red bayberry new tip is endangered, tree situation turns weak. Method of prevention and cure: Happen in larva period with 80 % DDVP 1000 times; 50 % kill loose emulsion of snout moth's larva 1000 times fluid, or emulsion of fat of chrysanthemum of 5 % bromic cyanogen 5 one 10PPM.

2, ostracean Jie.
Ostracean Jie endangers red bayberry branch, cause whole branch or complete tree is withered dead. Ostracean Jie lays eggs at branches and leaves, generation nymph is commonly by May the one hatch at the beginning of July.
Method of prevention and cure: (1) capture generation nymph to fill brood period seasonable gush attacks cootie is 1000 times cleverer fluid or fast attack kill 1000 times fluid (after fructification is picked instantly gush, hang fruit period cannot gush) . (2) in Feburary the last ten-day of a month one the first ten days of a month was used in March 50 times destroy Jie (destroy Jie is added 1 jin 3 two alkaline to 50 jins of water) .

3, termite.
Neck of root of corrode of termite eat by moth reachs truncal xylem, at a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place of cerebral cortex build, cause truncal reaching main root is injury, cause the death that establish system.
Method of prevention and cure: (1) artificial trap and kill. Choice termite loves eating food, wait like dustpan of deal, sugar cane, wolf, pile up endanger in termite all around on the ground, hold certain water share, market is led in termite relatively a long time, with destroy formic spirit or gush of agent of chloric red water are killed. 2, bagasse plunges into pink, mix mix on destroy after formic spirit, hold the filmy bag that breathe freely in, fragmentary and dispersive ground is put on ground of red bayberry tree, control 2 one on 1 block again. (3) tea is added with slop when field planting arbutus child cake pink dips in.

4, limb pest (long-corn explodes leather bug)
The trunk ministry of close the earth's surface is cultivated to endanger in Yang Mei, cause the death that make individual plant.
Method of prevention and cure: The fireweed all round cleared main force. (1) trunk Tu Bai, with lime 5 kilograms, sulfureous 0.5 kilograms, salt 100 grams, the animal is oily 100 grams, right amount attune becomes water mushy Tu Bai. (2) the hook kills wooden larva. (3) 80 % DDVP with one-time injector former fluid inject enters wormhole reoccupy mud to seal worm path.

5, red bayberry speckle is ill (red bayberry leaf spot)
Disease of red bayberry speckle is a kind of on red bayberry lamina main disease, in me prefectural arbutus produces an area to happen generally, and the harm is more and more serious. Come on the tree began deciduous leaf October, affect tree situation badly, crop and quality.
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