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Red bayberry collects the have a youthful look before closing to produce adminis

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One, to make sure fruit is high grade and safe, the following should accomplish before red bayberry is picked:

1, Yang Mei collects before closing 30 days to ban with pesticide, hormone kind reach face of blade to be used fatly.

2, clear field and sundry, the ground enclothes ground film or brake kind, reduce drosophila and white corrupt disease to happen.

3, ask by the sale, do good Yang Mei comfortable period picked, general Yang Mei reachs consumer inside 2 days, the requirement is over ripe picked, assure fruit quality, 2 days of above reach consumer, ask 9 minutes ripe picked. The requirement when plucking picks put down gently gently, do not press not dump, classification shallow outfit, facilitating transportation and sale, raise fruit goods sex.

2, the manufacturing management after Yang Mei is picked.

July is the crucial period that red bayberry summer manages, after Yang Mei is collected this year, to obtain bumper harvest of high yield of arbutus of the coming year, overcome lie between year of result phenomenon, had paid the government that this phase arbutus establishs in time, can have the effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following, get twice the result with half the effort, make Yang Mei is produced firmly, safe, high grade.

1, seasonable fertilization. July is Yang Mei cent of the oxygen in establishing system one year spends the greatest period, must have applied the fertilizer after collecting in time, of stimulative Qiu Sao smoke hair. Dose should inspect tree situation to lose by force to measure and be decided with the result, general but individual plant applies barnyard manure of become thoroughly decomposed 20 kilograms (or cake of become thoroughly decomposed 2 ~ 3 kilograms) , tender firewood of become thoroughly decomposed 20 kilograms, jiao Ni is grey 10 kilograms. Weaker to the way corp is growing tree earth applies organic fertilizer, comfortable apply soak to make the quick result fertilizer such as fluid.

2, reasonable clip. While to Yang Mei the tree fertilizes, union has branch reasonable crop, form high yield crown of a tree, branch of branch of take out ill bug, weak branch, deadwood, be shadedby foilage, proper put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored, make crown of a tree ventilated and pervious to light, send Qiu Sao more, reduce the scope of result of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days.

3, do very clear garden. Collect fruit hind, sweep fruiter fallen leaves deep embedded earth, can reduce ill bug to kill, remove loosen the soil to defend Shi Yangshu's action.

4, ill bug of prevention and cure. Red bayberry collects fruit hind, should prevent and cure in time all sorts of plant diseases and insect pests. According to establishing system ill bug produces a situation, the choice is used accord with the mineral sex antiseptic that asks without social effects of pollution to prevent disease, treat Jie carapace bug, leaf roller to wait with plant sex pesticide.
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