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Prevention and cure of red bayberry plant diseases and insect pests is applicabl

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Method of prevention and cure of period of prevention and cure of name of plant diseases and insect pests
Swollen ill 6/ issues cancer - the besmear after ill tumor is being removed on 8/ brushs WP50 of bacterium of 20% fierce grams times fluid or the agent that fight bacterium
50-100 of 402 water agent times fluid
Reach below speckle ill 5/ collect fruit hind the last ten-day of a month used 80% necessary WP500 in May times, collect fruit hind to use 80% be born greatly
Times sparge of WP600
Drug of besmear of the cut after weak tree of sere ill the way corp is growing cuts deadwood to cut ill spot (with cancerous swollen disease)
Weak tree of branch corrupt ill the way corp is growing is the same as sere disease
Reach before anthrax disease is budding collect 80% necessary WP400 are used before fruit hind is budding times, collect fruit hind to use 65% Dai Sen zinc
WP600 times or times fluid of 80% big unripe WP600 sparge
Garment disease reached bare to came on in October in May earlier and truncal gush WP600 of 65% acting Sen Xin times or 70% Antaisheng
WP600 times, the besmear after ill spot is being blown after coming on 843 rehabilitation agent
The small tree in the illness before the high temperature below root rot 6/ uses earth of individual plant of clever WP of 50% much bacterium to apply 0.25kg
  of ill   of root knot wireworm kills a star with 1.8% bug mite every mus of 500ml mixes fine earth scatters Shi Shuguan to fall, like that
Break up to issue 10cm to surface soil n cultivated land after
Zinc of liquid of gush of   of month of flocculus ill 3-4 is 600 times fatter or 70% An Taisheng WP600 2 times
Boron of liquid of in season of spring of tip withered disease is 600 times fatter 2, or individual plant applies borax 50 grams add urea 100
Can, around waterline of drop of crown of a tree ditch is applied
Jie kind   of   of the middle ten days of a month on August 40% fast attack the oil that kill breast 800 times or 99.1% enemy dead bug breast is 150 times oilier gush
Mist every other 10 days in all 2
Weather of 20 degrees of above finds termite formic road, gush SC1000 of 5% Rui Jin spy times, or ditch piles careless gush
SC1000 of 5% Rui Jin spy times trap and kill
Moth kind after collecting - low in November age bug period 90% 10 thousand clever powder 3000 times, or breast of phosphor of 25% Kui sulfur is 800 times oilier, or
4.5% green 100 things breast is 1000 times oilier sparge
Month of tea long-corn 5-6 is truncal Tu Bai, the last ten-day of a month was blown in May kill egg to reach larva broods first. With
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