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Of red bayberry grow a technology

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Of red bayberry cultivate (1)
Red bayberry nursery stock, all through the ages uses breed of engraft of wild hill seedling. Convert since 60 time grafting breeds kind of seed breed seedling. Kind seed classics does Tibet, next in October sowing, winter film is enclothed, second year transplant of Grain Full around, the 3rd year early spring grafting. Choose seedling of two years of unripe engraft to take earthy transplant. After surviving, manage meticulously, 3 years of results, than general convention young fruit forest ahead of schedule 23 produce per year if really. Grafting seedling should notice to choose fine stock and scion.
Its standard is:
One, stock.
1, get used to local climate and edaphic condition.
2, without quarantine sex plant diseases and insect pests.
3, the 1-2 that passes transplant year unripe hale seedling, must not use old, weak, ill hammering block.
2, scion.
1, scion is collected from garden of thoroughbred female parent or tree of mother of individual plant of seed selection actor, sterling, excellent bumper crop upholds the variety that the Mu Shu that collect spic needs classics county or production of fruiter of prefectural class above is in charge of sectional appraisal,
2, collect scion to should choose sufficient maturity, hale, eye 1 year full in the upside in periphery of crown of a tree - 2 years of unripe branches.
Of red bayberry grow a technology (2)
Of red bayberry grow a technology?
One, choose the ground:
2, soil preparation and cultivate norms, red bayberry helps advance somebody's career requirement relatively extensive, the country when cultivating can not break up agrarian, as hill form the hole that dig hole is cultivated, gradient wants build terraced field greatly, gradient embarks on a journey less help advance somebody's career can, general digging pit is long 0.7 meters wide, deep 0.5 meters, blueness of lamination of divide into equal parts of earthy miscellaneous fertilizer, green manure is put to put land inside hole, backfill hole earth wants tower above floor 0.3 meters of above, the value is decided after treating heavy fruit of backfill hole earth, hillside ground grows rice of 2X3 of row spacing of norms individual plant, evenly 3X3 rice. Cultivate with spring give priority to, namely 2~3 month is advisable, when planting, should drench the water that decide a root.
3, the fat conduit after grow manages, fertilization is given priority to with plant ash normally, the farmhouse fertilizer that also can apply earthy miscellaneous fertilizer and become thoroughly decomposed reachs night soil.
1, young tree manages (1~3 year unripe) : Kind the night soil that port?5 day can apply dilute or the compound fertilizer of 0.2% or bran water. Apply every months, it is the 2nd year before budding the tip of a tree (2~3 month) apply calcic magnesian phosphor, every individual plant 1 jin, in the tree Dou digs cricoid channel to apply. The 3rd year every individual plant applies plant ash 10 jins.
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