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Yang Mei is agronomic in September

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Content awaits period: Bud development period, the bud at the beginning of Qiu Sao period.
Good fight a drought should be done in the attention September beyond, the key has been done accuse tip and accuse bug to defend ill work.
1. Accuse a bit. Annihilate deadwood and the invalid bud Nie that happen on root ministry and main force oneself, want to control Qiu Sao strictly, do not let its smoke absolutely long. Dong Kuiyang plum with foundation of short branch eventuate, control of requirement summer end is in 15 centimeters the following, 10 centimeters or so best, 3- - 4 centimeters OK also. Continue limb besmear is white, prevent insolation.
2. Accuse bug to prevent disease. Excise big Suo moth to protect bursa, use 90 % DDVP sparge of 1000 times fluid. Continue eject boracic fertilizer or other microelement, precaution is short of element disease. Termite, the ground and dig acupuncture point to put firewood. Gush Shan of 48 % Le Siben breast 1000 times or 5 % Rui Jin is special 1000-1500 times, all join 1 % brown sugar, gush wet firewood, answer earth trap and kill. Butterfly moth kind, can exterminate Shan of chrysanthemum ester breast with 20 % 1500 times, or 45 % are green 100 things breast is 1000 times oilier, or 80 % DDVP breast is 800 times oilier. Jie kind, can use 40 % fast attack 1000-1500 of the oil that kill breast times, or 40 % are killed attack phosphorous breast is 1000 times oilier, or 99. 1 % enemy dead bug breast is oily 400- - 500 times, or 99 % are green clever breast is oily 400- - 500 times.

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