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Yang Mei is agronomic in August

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Content awaits period: Bud development period, the bud at the beginning of Qiu Sao period.

Suffer typhoon of ” of “ Yun Na, freeze injury was mixed last year the influence of high temperature, arbutus of whole this year town considerably reduction of output. Content with rare for expensive, red bayberry price relatively rose considerably last year, general Yang Mei is in every kilograms 8 yuan of above, good in 30 yuan of above. Fruit grower people it is sweet to red bayberry price in the heart, but it is painful however to the crop this year in the depth, a lot of fruit grower are in whisper, why a few doesn't Yang Mei give birth to more this year? The high grade, high yield for next year and add close, want to take Yang Mei seriously to manage daily highly, pay attention to want beneficial result to management. Outside wanting to notice to do good fight a drought August, the key is done good crop and accuse bug to prevent disease.

1. Clip. The main target of clip is lofty and erect with group of close unripe branch. Reduce height through clip, open smooth way. The tree that shuts to crossing Gao Eryu, should occupy erect big branch 1—2, accomplish years minute to reduce height gradually, hard 2—3 year clip reachs the designated position. Ask to curium buccal height does not exceed two meters, the attention curiums buccal protection works, shave is smooth curium mouth, use “402” or “843” rehabilitation agent next, or bright cow dung, Huang Ni, hair mixes besmear to go up, reoccupy Ruo carapace wraps up. To too secret branch team, because clip does not reach the designated position, add premature drop is severe this year, chun Sao is general much and long, like ” of “ Ruo cap the cover is on crown of a tree, to this kind the tree should make proper scanty cutout, accomplish fluctuation not to overlap, between the branch not across, there is space between individual plant, achieve the goal that squelchs Qiu Sao grows suddenly.

2. Accuse bug to prevent disease. Xie Heban is ill, clip hind takes the new tip of hair, should use in time 80% necessary but 500—600 of wet sex powder, or agents of 30% in suspension of water of He Yimo gram, or 70% methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm but wet sex powder, or 75% 100 bacterium are clear but wet sex powder 600 times spray face of blade, the 2—3 that connect gush second. Withered tip is ill, vimineous occurrence flocculus, Cong Xie, withered tip not result or little result. Basically be short of boracic, zinc to cause, be short of boracic, zinc slightly, but in crown of a tree boracic fertilizer of successive gush liquid is mixed zinc is 600 times fatter, or emerald green Kang Huaguo is 800 times cleverer, general 2—3 second. Jie kind, august also is one of insect pest, still should use 99% green clever 200 times, add 40% fast attack to kill or be killed attack phosphorous breast is 1500 times oilier, or sheet is used fast attack to kill or be killed attack phosphor fluid of 1000 times gush, also should notice moth of butterfly of prevention and cure at the same time kind insect pest.
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