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Red bayberry is high grade technology of high yield form a complete set

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Be in admirable advocate on the Yang Mei that grows variety, reach through the recipe comfortable period fertilization, reasonable clip and Yang Mei flower thinning, decrease a flower, mix into the flower protect a flower to wait for measure of technology of integrated form a complete set, make Yang Mei is obtained high grade produce firmly. The technical economic norms that basically achieves:
(one) , good year (1999) red bayberry flower decreases 52.6% , off year (1998) move fruit rate rises 26.3% , extent of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days falls to 33.3% . Fructification contains sugar volume to raise 1.65 degrees on average, odd fruit increases on average again 49.4% , autumn is average day of in advance 2~3. Rate of high grade fruit rises 81.8% . Fructification free from contamination, reach level of " of " green food basically.
(2) , red bayberry fertilizer (special and compound fertilizer) , clip and drug (the flower thinning agent, agent that decrease a flower, keep beautiful agent into Hua Suhe) cost: 8~10 yuan / individual plant, pure increase income: 45~105 yuan / individual plant.
The reason with the result evening that in the light of Yang Mei young tree exists generally, inchoate low yield, the goes easily simply new measure that adopts the fertilization that " accuses after " closes to first, clip and chemical adjusting control, make Yang Mei begins result period by 7~8 year shorten 3~4 year, the 6th year individual plant is produced amount to 20 kilograms.

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