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Edible arbutus can is far from burning hot

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Red bayberry, name bead is red, pulp can be divided by colour and lustre for red, white two kinds, red or You Yishen is amaranthine for beautiful, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, be good at lienal appetizing effect. According to " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account: Juan divides band? and the five internal organs, can wash gastric bowel, except irritated break through evil spirit. The disappear heat beautiful that just is the summer is tasted.
” of Man Shangong of arbutus of “ Summer Solstice, nowadays is Yang Mei's mature season. Red bayberry gets people color is colourful, delicious and greatly because of its love. After Zhejiang of Su Dongpo be an official tastes arbutus of savor Wu Yue, ever endowed with wide litchi of poetic “ Fujian, xi Liang grape, not was like ” of Wu Yue arbutus.
Edible arbutus, first-rate taste is sample instantly after pluck, between glossal tine gently one close lightly, fruit juice flush at tine, acid is sweet delicious, and the flavour of red bayberry fruit of faint scent is long put do not come loose, not only can disappear heat goes covering tightly, can wake more deities eye.
Because Xian Yangmei is saved not easily, so commonly used candy and Yang Mei together insolation be soiled makes Cheng Yangmei preserved fruit also; of have a distinctive flavour if red bayberry pound, go the nucleus takes the flesh, after divide evenly of the agitate that add candy but the Yang Mei of Gan Shuang of; of sauce of make it arbutus immerses within arrack, put some of time to become arrack arbutus namely.
Still remember Yu Dafu " red bayberry arrack " ? Volt day, get together with old friend at Hangzhou, two people are drinking talk about the past of red bayberry arrack. Old friend, Yang Mei, arrack, have light feel sad and sadness additionally.
No matter which kinds make a method, can withhold red bayberry acid sweet delicate and it is the summer appetizing be good at lienal beautiful is tasted.
Red bayberry basically originates in the province city such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangxi, with Zhejiang more than Yao is most famous. Because of its unique climate qualification and edaphic structure, yielding Yang Mei big, color much, flavour weighs colourful, juice, character is admirable, the ancients recognition its coronal absolutely the world, because this more than Yao is called again the countryside ” of “ China arbutus.
In Yang Mei forest everywhere more than Yao, have south see Xin Mei, north see Wu Mei, east the plum seeing jade, statement that Bai Mei reads on the west, the famousest the water chest nut that should belong to black to plant is planted, fruit form is round whole, colour and lustre gorgeous and smell is sweet nuclear small; is precious person small piece of land surrounded by water when the horse that belongs to Yao Xi area, the Bai Mei that Mou Shan produces and powdery plum; Its colour and lustre faint scent of glittering and translucent, aftertaste, appear on the market time summary is planted at water chest nut behindhand. Then the horse of more than Yao smalls piece of land surrounded by water, before Mou Shan becomes people to thank city in Yang Mei full taste delicate place to go.
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